The Best Metaverse Coins to Invest Before 2023

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The latest cryptocurrency market crash and the more recent rise of new GameFi spaces offer a unique investment opportunity for 2023 and beyond. GameFi and play-to-earn are becoming the future of online gaming and both are going to grow at a huge rate. Therefore, finding the best metaverse coins to invest in is becoming the main objective of many investors. With 3 out of 4 investors delving into cryptocurrencies due to GameFi opportunities, the opportunity to enter the initial phase of the metaverse future is now available. With this in mind, it’s time to see which coins in the metaverse have the most potential.

The Future of GameFi

GameFi is taking the world of online gaming by storm and offers unique investment opportunities at a time when some of the best cryptocurrencies are heavily devalued. GameFi offers users the ability to earn coins that can be exchanged for real money, allowing users to earn money for playing.

While there are a variety of metaverse games with different ways to win, they can all become fantastic investment opportunities, especially newer ones that have prevented the cryptocurrency crash of 2022. These coins should experience nothing but profits as they grow in popularity, without the weight of their plummeting value accompanying them.

Some of the Best Metaverse Coins to Invest in Now

Some of the coins that appear on the top list have been in circulation for a while, and some others are debutants, but all of them should achieve steady profits in the coming years. The popularity of the metaverse, and GameFi in particular, will drive these coins into 2023 and beyond.

Our list of the best cryptocurrencies includes:Metacade (MCADE) – The GameFi Hub Managed CommunityQuint (QUINT) – Boutique NFT MarketplaceDecentraland (MANA) – Virtual World BuilderMetaHero (HERO) – Real-World Asset ScannerNFT Worlds (WRLD) – Open World Inspired by MinecraftIlluvium (ILV) – Open World Creature Collection GameWizardia (WZFD) – Magical Fantasy RPG

1. Metacade (MCADE) – The GameFi Hub Managed Community

With its pre-sale just begun, Metacade is one of the newest and most exciting metaverse coins to invest in by 2023. Metacade, a completely decentralized GameFi hub, is the virtual arcade where users have the power to shape the future of gaming. Gamers and video game enthusiasts will determine which titles become the most popular and which game developers receive grants to turn their ideas into reality.

The platform also offers a variety of ways to earn money outside of the games themselves. Among them, publishing the best titles, writing reviews and participating in the newest game tournaments, Metacade is called to be the place par excellence to delve into everything related to GameFi. And much of the innovation offered by Metacade is done through its native token, MCADE.

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With MCADE, Metacade is creating a self-sustaining economy in which community members have the opportunity to earn MCADE tokens for a variety of activities. This includes prize draws and game tournaments, as well as writing reviews, testing new games, and posting alpha about the best game to win crypto games. This helps foster community activity and gives the MCADE token a real-world application. And with a platform as exciting and disruptive as Metacade, MCADE has the greatest potential to not just take off, but skyrocket.

>>> You can participate in the Metacade presalehere

2. Quint (QUINT) – NFT Boutique Market

Quint is a slightly different metaverse project, which seeks to blend the metaverse and the real world in a unique way. While at first glance Quint looks a lot like other of the best coins available, with the ability to buy and sell on an NFT market, gamble and earn rewards, it is also venturing into uncharted territory when it comes to the best cryptocurrencies.

Quint also wants to merge the real world and metaverse in new ways, offering superbetting pools (staking is earning cryptocurrency by locking funds) where users will be able to earn real rewards, such as hotel stays and restaurant discounts.

To cement the connection between the metaverse and real life, Quint will also create a boutique marketplace that will offer users the option to print, frame and deliver their NFTs, so people can have a physical representation of their NFT. Although this is an ambitious project, this boutique depends on the popularity of physical NFTs, something that has yet to be proven.

3. Decentraland (MANA) – Virtual World Builder

One of the original metaverse world builders, Decentraland has seen its popularity come and go since its launch and the recent fall of cryptocurrencies has especially affected it. Despite the difficulties, its customizable land plots are one of the pillars of the metaverse and will have a place among the best coins of the metaverse in the coming years.

As an open-world builder, Decrentraland’s goal is for users to buy digital plot lands. You can then build these plots any way you want, either by creating games, markets, or spaces for other players to rent. When you think of the metaverse, you probably think of a space like Decentraland, where digital creations and land are owned by users and you can find anything you search for or you can build it yourself. Although, as the cryptocurrency crash has revealed, if the market weakens, it can leave virtual land prices too high if they don’t adapt quickly enough.

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4. MetaHero (HERO) – Real World Asset Scanner

Another unique proposition in the world of the best coins in the metaverse, MetaHero wants to change the look of the metaverse, making it more like the real world than ever. Today, avatars and creations in the metaverse are computer-generated digital assets, meaning they look different from the real world. MetaHero is trying to change this.

Instead of digital creation, MetaHero will create the largest and most realistic library of metaverse assets by scanning real-world objects and people into the metaverse. This means that instead of an avatar created by you, you will have one exactly like you. And instead of a digitally created object, you’ll have one that’s a replica of a real-world object. In this way, MetaHero aims to give developers the ability to create the most realistic metaverse possible. Although it is clear that some users prefer digital creations, this ability makes MetaHero one of the most intriguing coins to watch for 2023 and beyond.

5. NFT Worlds (WRLD) – Open World Inspired by Minecraft

Inspired by the popularity of Minecraft’s massive open worlds, NFT Worlds aims to combine the construction of the virtual world of Minecraft with the metaverse and play-to-earn abilities. Using open-source Minecraft codes, players can enjoy a familiar experience, controls, and gameplay mechanics. Although it is not associated with the current Minecraft, it will allow cross-platform compatibility, which means that anyone who has a Minecraft account will also be able to access NFT Worlds.

With a variety of different “worlds,” users can choose from a multitude of maps to explore, build, and interact with other users. They can create games or marketplaces where game products can be exchanged for real-world money. Similar to Decentraland, NFT Worlds users can buy their land and build it however they want, all with the familiarity of one of the most popular video games of all time.

6. Illuvium (ILV) – Open World Creature Collection Game

In this Pokemon-like game, users explore a virtual world to discover digital creatures known as Illuvials. There are over 100 Illuvials in total, and each of them has specific rankings, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, making each player’s journey through the Illuvium universe unique. Users can also trade their Illuvials, as well as in-game assets such as custom skins and other collectibles, on the Illuvium marketplace.

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Illuvium is known for its beautiful and eye-catching scenery, as well as its initial coin offering, in which it has managed to release more than half of its 10 million dollars, which means that users will not have to worry much about inflation reducing the value of their ILV tokens. With its popularity on the rise, Illuvium is one of the best coins to invest in before 2023.

7. Wizardia (WZFD) – Fantasy Magic RPG

Last on our list of the best metaverse coins to invest in is Wizardia, a fantasy and magic RPG known for its engaging visual style. In Wizardia, users create their own characters, level them up, and upgrade their gear to try to become the best magician. The game not only offers magnificent visual style, but also fierce PvP and PvE battles in which users must use strategy and strength to climb the leaderboards of the best wizards in the game and earn WZRD tokens.

WZRD tokens have been affected by the fall of cryptocurrencies, but not as much as other coins in the metaverse, reflecting the popularity of the game. Right now it’s time to get these discounted tokens before they start another hike in 2023.

What 2023 Holds for the Best Coins in the Metaverse

As the cryptocurrency market recovers from the 2022 slump, new metaverse projects like Metacade are offering the opportunity to invest in the best cryptocurrencies. While established games, such as Decentraland, are still part of the list of the best coins, it’s newcomers who should see the most steady increase. With new coins, users don’t have to face higher prices than the current cryptocurrency market favors and bet on an older coin that is well below its peak value.

This makes Metacade one of the best metaverse coins to invest in before 2023 and the opportunity to enter the first phase now. As 2023 approaches, Metacade, as well as some of the best cryptocurrencies, should only see its value rise along with its popularity. Having avoided the fall of cryptocurrencies means that the price of Metacade should only rise in 2023 and beyond, making it the perfect investment opportunity to enter before the price rises too high.

You can participate in the Metacade presalehere.

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