The best phrases to congratulate on International Friendship Day 2021

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The best phrases to congratulate on International Friendship Day 2021

This July 30 is celebrated International Friendship Day 2021, which since 2011 is a holiday officially recognized by the United Nations General Assembly, based on the World Friendship Crusade, founded in 1958.

We are going to see some of the best phrases to congratulate on this day where we must learn to value our friendships every day.

The best moments in life are the little moments, when you feel that you are at the right time and in the right place. Thanks for your friendship.

A friend like you is hard to find, easy to love, and hard to forget. If life gave me a wish, I would like to meet you again.

Friends are people who are always there, friends who are pleasant companies that sometimes annoy you, who love you, but above all who make laughter more pleasant.

The great lesson is that the sacred is hidden in the ordinary, in everyday life: in neighbors, friends, family; in our own backyard. Abraham Maslow

Friendship is like the stars. We cannot always see them, but nevertheless, we always know that they are there.

It is not difference that prevents love, friendship, communication, joy. It is the attitude towards the difference that opens or closes the doors for you. Geronimo Acevedo

True friendship must be based on the things we share and will share in the future, without any intention of getting anything in exchange for it. Jorge Bucay

Friends are more important than the person you love. Love may disappear from your life in an instant, but your good friendships will last forever.

Sweet thing is a true friend; he dives deep into our hearts inquiring about our needs. No saves having to discover them for ourselves.

I have looked for a decent gift, but I have not found anything suitable for a person like you, so special. Therefore you will agree that a good friendship accompanied by a sincere “Happy Friend’s Day” will be enough.

Friendship is much more than an investment in favors; it is the feeling of being loved and accepted. They are phrases to celebrate International Friendship Day 2021.

Friendship and contact between people of different types is beneficial and fruitful. We should all seek the company of people who belonged to another type during our free time. Roberto Assagioli

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