The Best TVs in the Premium Segment

By: Will Wood

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Samsung QLED Q60A with 4K Dual LED is displaying picture in the living room

Samsung QE55Q80A

Quite an interesting model from Samsung, which has a whole group of intelligent settings that correct image transmission. There is even a feeling that the manufacturers gave users more than required, so do not rush to conclusions about the quality of the picture without trying all the modes and settings. However, excellent viewing angles and stunning level of detail without glare can not be spoiled in any case. Problems with the basic settings can only be in terms of natural light sources in the videos, because the sun here blinding is not worse than the real one. The TV is also great for games – from racing to the best medieval games PS4.

One of the distinguishing features of the device, even among the premium segment, is the screen refresh rate of 200 Hz.

Another feature is the audio system: 6 60W speakers (2×10 + 4x10W) are responsible for the sound, creating a dynamic but smooth sound with clean lows/basses.

Since this is Samsung, it means that the Smart-TV features are provided by the Tizen OS. There can be complaints about this, as the platform is not the richest in terms of variety of applications.

QLED Samsung QE85Q70TAU

HDR10+ in this device works at some fantastic level, making the image super-clear to every detail. In addition, intelligent TV systems are well trained to adapt content in a lower resolution, so that even old movies on this TV look modern. In any mode, the system delivers deep blacks and intelligently builds white balance.

The dual backlighting technology makes the picture on this TV super saturated.

On the plus side, there is also the 4K quantum processor, which makes all applications run fast and smoothly.

The difficulty with handling this TV is that it reads almost all known formats, but you have to use the Home media server settings, otherwise the number of supported formats will be very average. This can hardly be written down as an unambiguous minus, it is just that this model does not work out of the box for its price.

From the real disadvantages of the device can be noted the usual sound, for such a price you always want more.

NanoCell LG 86NANO906

A somewhat controversial device in the sense that Samsung has a very similar device in terms of features, but cheaper by 30 thousand. On the other hand, NanoCell LG 86NANO906 demonstrates the best picture and webOS is more user friendly. And it is not only the speed and user-friendly interface, but also the number of channels and applications.

The HDR 10 Pro system is responsible for the image quality, so even the smallest objects are transferred with high accuracy. Another plus is support for HDMI 2.1, most devices even now still use the older version.

The only disadvantage of the device can be considered the complexity of wall mounting because of the large size, so be careful when mounting the construction.


In this model, LG went the unconventional way by choosing Alpha 9 III as the processor. In a series of tests, the processor has shown excellent results, so all the applications available in the ecosystem and all the content, even in game mode looks amazing and is played without blurs.

Two technologies HDR10 and Dolby Vision are responsible for the detailing, which is definitely noticeable by the quality of the picture.

In addition to quality pictures, LG also took care of the sound in this model. The audio system consists of 6 speakers for 60 watts (2×10 + 4×10 watts). The TV reproduces deep sound that completely immerses you in what is happening on the screen.

Built-in AI, helps the system to adjust the image to the nature of the video, so the action and sports programs look especially bright and dynamic, without losing realism.


This 77-inch TV shows a near-perfect picture thanks to HDR 10 Pro and Dolby Vision working together. In addition, the unit uses a type of Pixel Level Dimming, so the picture looks great even in a dark room, and dark areas roll in organically smoothly.

Four 40W speakers (2×10 + 2x10W) are responsible for sound, creating a powerful presence effect, and the quality of the perception does not change depending on the location in the room.

Intelligent features optimize the TV for gaming mode, so the LG OLED OLED77CXR is fully prepared for the arrival of NextGen on consoles and new games.

Unlike many other devices in the segment, the TV excels with basic settings, but by turning to the menu, you can choose such fine personalization settings in each of the suggested modes that the device will be as comfortable as possible.

Sony KD-65XH9505

The only second representative from Sony in our rating, but really outstanding. The KD-65XH9505 is a 64.5″ TV with a resolution of 4K UHD, HDR (3840×2160). If you compare it to competitors in the same price group, Sony has managed to achieve amazing results in terms of images, making it truly natural. In addition, the device has the most honest viewing angles. The audio system consists of 4 quality 30W speakers (2×10 + 2x5W).

The platform for Smart-TV here is Android, which is virtually unlimited. The exception is the applications that do not pass the security standards.

Inside the device is the X1 Ultimate processor, which provides fast menus and services.

The TV is designed more for watching videos or sports programs. Gaming on it is unlikely to go perfectly because of not the lowest input lag.