The Best Uncensored Scenes From This Week’s Revenge Of The Ex VIPs

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Revenge of the Ex VIPs is the new sensation of MTV. Just a few months ago, Acapulco Shore His season 8 ended and this reality show came to replace him definitively. The program revolves around a group of 10 influencers who decide to spend a vacation in Colombia and who, as the days go by, will receive an unexpected visit from their ex-partners. The interesting thing is that they will not know which ex is going to be. So they must wait until they see them with their own eyes.

The show is an adaptation of the famous British program Ex on the beach and it has already revolutionized not only the screen of the music channel but also that of Paramount+, where it can also be seen the day after its broadcast on television. Another attractive point of this reality is that it has recognized figures in social networks and that the youngest already know about TikTok o de Instagram.

As it happens in Acapulco Shore, on Revenge of the Ex Vip there is pure fun, riot and a lot of partying. Although, of course, they do not escape controversy or fights. In fact, the strongest scenes are left for the segment Without censorship, where the contestants say what they think regardless of the camera in front of them.

This week Robbie went against Ian when he found out that Kim wouldn’t let Buck and Dave into his room. “I don’t think they won’t let him into his own room”Robbie said before the MTV cameras. The two participants did not come to blows, but they did tell each other just outside the conflicting room.

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But that was not all. In Thursday’s chapter, after endless discussions, Frida and Diana they decided to reach a peace agreement. And, for that, they chose nothing less than to “marry” in front of Camilo, Aylin and Daphne, who apparently came out as witnesses to the “wedding” with champagne and all.

Revenge of the Ex Vip can be seen every Tuesday and Thursday on the MTV screen at 22 hours in Mexico, 23 hours in Colombia and 00 hours in Argentina. Likewise, the episodes already broadcast on Paramount + are now available in case you want to watch them again.

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