The best WhatsApp images and GIFs to congratulate Halloween 2021

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October 31 halloween. For some an absurd party imported from the United States, for others their favorite day of the year. Be that as it may, today the networks are absolutely overturned – and even more so considering that tomorrow is a holiday Monday. Therefore, we link you to the Halloween section of the Google Play Store and the App Store, in addition to teaching you how to create your own GIFs.

WhatsApp and Halloween

Apps with images and phrases for Halloween

Yesterday we brought you a selection of apps and websites to scare, play jokes and enjoy Halloween, and another to put WhatsApp in Halloween mode. Today we are not going to put a few more chosen ones, but we directly leave you the search selection of the Google Play Store so that you can look one by one and select which one you want to download and use:

Apps Hallowen Google Play Store para móviles Android

GIFs y Stickers para Halloween

Nothing better than an animated gif to review what Halloween means. To do this, you can open the WhatsApp GIF search engine and use the thousands there are, but we propose an application that you can download separately and access an updated list specifically focused on Halloween. We are talking about the Giphy app, the world’s largest library of GIF files, stickers and memes.

Just download and install it –you don’t have to think about it-, and enter the highlighted banner on its main screen, it will take you to the section Halloween, and you have there hundreds of GIFS to upload to your networks, to WhatsApp, along with Stories and others.

Download Giphy for Android

Download Giphy for iOS

Send animated stickers with music

Messages with sounds and music are the following scale in speaking without words and expressing emotions with a single image. And if you want to add sounds to the animated stickers -more than integrating them into the sticker itself is that the sound is reproduced in parallel to the animation of the sticker-, you can do it and this is how. In fact there are several ways:

Download new Stickers

  1. Open any individual or group chat on WhatsApp
  2. Next text box where to write the message tap the emoji icon, and below, where you have to choose between emojis and GIF, you will also see the Stickers option
  3. To add new sticker packs, press the next to ‘+’ icon the one you want to download from, and wait for the confirmation.If you want them animated, you will recognize them because just next to the name they have the ‘Play’ or ‘Play’ icon. Enter to see them in motion before taking them down.

Send the sticker and audio from an app

The simplest way without a doubt, there are mobile applications that allow you combine animated stickers and audios within the app itself, and share them instantly on other networks and services such as WhatsApp. To do this download this app:

Download Stickers and sounds (WAStickerApps) – Memetflix

Its advantage is that works with the official version of WhatsApp, and you do not need another or mods. The app offers you more than 200 stickers ready to share and a library of 150 sounds from which to choose. So you can send everything at once more easily.

Trim the audio and send it at the same time

This form is a bit complex, because you are the one who has to do all the work. The first thing is to download one of the many apps that exist to trim songs and audio files. We leave you the links of two of the best rated on Google Play:

Download MP3 Cutter for Android

Download Audio Editor for Android

Now you must choose which piece of which song, or audio of a video, sound or phrase / phrases of a person you want to sound next to the sticker, and cut and edit it in one of the two applications above. When you have it ready, save it, find the animated sticker you want and send it at the same time along with the audio that you have prepared for both to reproduce at the same time.

Use a WhatsApp group

If you do not want to choose, cut, edit, etc, the simplest and simplest solution is to ‘catch’ animated stickers that already have sounds from WhatsApp groups dedicated to it. Groups like this that we leave you Stickerland Rewind IX, a group with more than 200 users dedicated to simply uploading animated and / or sound stickers.

To join you must open the address that we put below from a browser on your mobile, or simply send it to a WhatsApp chat and open it from there:

Congratulate all your contacts on WhatsApp on March 8 at the same time

With the function of Mailing lists, you can send messages to multiple contacts at the same time. A Broadcast List is a list of recipients that is saved. When you use this list, you can rebroadcast a message to the same recipients without having to select them again one by one.

How to create a Broadcast List

To create a Broadcast List, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to the screen Chats> Menu button> New broadcast.
  3. Write the names of your contacts or press the + button to select from your contact list.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Press Create. This process create a new list of recipients for broadcasts.

When you send a message to the broadcast list, it will be sent to all the contacts on the list. Recipients will receive the message as if it were an individual message. When they reply to the message, it will also appear as an individual message on your Chat screens; your replies will not be sent to the other recipients on the list. Only contacts who have your number stored in their phone’s contact book will receive your broadcast messages.

If one of your contacts doesn’t receive your broadcast messages, check that they have your number saved in their phone’s contact book. Broadcast lists are a system for sending an individual message to multiple recipients. If you want recipients to be able to exchange messages, create a group chat.

How to edit a Broadcast List

  1. Open the Broadcast List.
  2. Press the button Menu> Broadcast list.
  3. On the Broadcast List information screen, you can do the following:

– Press the icon edit to rename from the broadcast list.

– Press the button Add recipient...

– Long press on a recipient’s name to selectr Delete to (recipient) from the broadcast list.

How to delete a Broadcast List

  1. Hold down the Broadcast list you want to delete.
  2. Press Delete broadcast list.
  3. Press Remove.


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