The beta WhatsApp activates the photos and videos that are only seen once; How is it done?

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In the field of ‘leaksters’, WABetaInfo, account / site that has been dedicated for 5 years to tell us all the news that comes out for WhatsApp before Facebook even makes them official, is one of the most respected, always reporting what it finds in the base code of the new betas.

And this week, they have found active one of those functions that we have literally been hearing about for years: Self-destructing photos.

Photos and videos that are only viewed once

As reported WaBetaInfo experts last March, WhatsApp was “working on self-destructing photos as part of a future update for iOS and Android“Photos that self-destruct cannot be exported from WhatsApp, and if the feature is deployed it would be similar to what we have already seen on Instagram: Once the self-destruct mode is activated, the photo will be removed from the chat as soon as you leave it, just like on Instagram with the option to keep the photo in the chat and see it only once.

In the screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo months ago, a small photo self-destruct icon was seen near the chat. The icon is located right next to the option to add photos, videos and contacts. Once the mode is activated, the photo will disappear as soon as you leave the chat.

And that has also been confirmed by the head of Facebook, adding that images tagged like this can only be viewed once before disappearing. However, you can take a screenshot, although WhatsApp will notify the user who has sent the photo that someone has captured it.

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Activated in WhatsApp Beta

The function is in the news again today, because it is today when it has been partially activated: From this Wednesday, as WABetaInfo points out, the feature has started to reach users of the latest beta of WhatsApp for the Android operating system, version

Is that how it works:

  • When you send photos and videos by activating the function, They can only be viewed once and you are notified when the recipient has opened them.
  • When photos and videos are set to be viewed once, the content disappears after you close it.
  • And you deactivate reading receipts, the recipient will still see if you have opened the photo or video set to view once, but you won’t be able to see when the recipient opens yours. In groups, you can see when other participants open photos that expire, even if you have disabled read receipts.
  • The recipient could save the photo or video making snapshot screen or video, and WhatsApp will not warn you because there is no detection of screenshots.
  • You can too share photos and videos set for one-time viewing in groups, and you can see who has opened them in Message information.
  • Contacts blocked in common groups can keep opening those photos and videos– In fact, they can’t text or call you, but they can interact with you in groups.
  • If you send a photo using the see once feature to people who don’t have this feature turned on, the see once feature will continue to work and they will only be able to view it once.
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When will it reach the standard version of WhatsApp? Well, at the moment it is not known, but that it is already in the public beta of the app suggests that it should not take long to be available.


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