The big reveal: “MacBook Air 15” could be unveiled at WWDC23

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A New MacBook Air on the Horizon

A few weeks ago, Apple announced the date for its Annual Developers Conference, WWDC23. With the event fast approaching, rumors abound regarding the company’s upcoming releases. One of the most eagerly anticipated is the arrival of Apple Glass, the long-awaited mixed reality glasses.

But perhaps just as exciting is the possibility of a brand-new MacBook Air. According to Ross Young, an acclaimed analyst and founder of the DSSC agency, the long-rumored 15-inch MacBook Air will finally be unveiled at WWDC23.

What to Expect

While details are still scarce, rumors suggest the new MacBook Air will have a larger screen size, somewhere between 14 and 16 inches. It is also said to feature a new M2 or M2 Pro processor, with some even speculating about the next-generation Apple M3 processor.

At an aesthetic level, the MacBook Air’s design is expected to remain largely unchanged from the previous model. Still, the new laptop promises to offer exquisite performance and reliability to further cement Apple’s dominant position in the laptop industry.

When to Expect It

While earlier rumors suggested an April release date, it is now thought that Apple will take advantage of the WWDC23 stage to unveil the new MacBook Air. With Young having reported increased screen production, Apple’s plans seem to be on track for a June arrival.

As for price, details remain scarce, but the company’s track record of premium pricing means that a new MacBook Air will likely not come cheap.


While still shrouded in rumors and speculation, the upcoming release of the new MacBook Air promises to be exciting news for Apple fans around the world. With new features and improved performance, the new laptop will undoubtedly change the game in the highly competitive laptop market. Stay tuned to WWDC23 for more details on this highly anticipated release.

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