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The big security check | c’t uplink 39.7

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Every day dozens of attacks pound down on us all: spam emails with Trojans attached, automated attacks on routers and servers, third-party login attempts on Twitter and Facebook. We have therefore invited my colleagues and security experts Ronald Eikenberg and Sylvester Tremmel for the current episode of c’t uplink. The two go through typical attack scenarios step by step and explain where these attacks actually come from and how you can protect yourself against them.

Viruses and Trojans are usually acquired through email attachments or software downloads, but infected USB sticks or smartphone apps can also become gateways. We discuss whether you really need to be afraid of attacks only with Windows, and whether Android is more vulnerable than iOS. And we are looking into the question: What should I actually do if I accidentally clicked on the Word file in the mail attachment?

Even the most experienced users make the same mistakes over and over again when securing their devices and online accounts: They do not update critical software often enough and do not consider the consequences of a Trojan attack in the backup concept. And all too often, important security measures are left out – for convenience.

The current c’t edition includes security checklists for Windows, smartphones, routers, e-mail and other categories to match the c’t uplink. You can get a free compact version of these checklists as a PDF via the link

Also there: Achim Barczok, Ronald Eikenberg, Sylvester Tremmel

The c’t 20/2021 is available at the kiosk, in Browser and in the c’t app for iOS and Android.

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