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The Biography and Photos of Ibai Llanos’ Brother

Ibai Llanos

The youtuber and creator of digital content does not stop being news. On this occasion for having broken a historic and millionaire record through his Twitch channel.

Regarding this, his millions of followers seek to know more about him and one of the edges that attracts the most attention is that of his brother, Oier.

At the beginning of July 2023, Ibai held the Year 3 Evening at the Civitas Metropolitano and there it reached the record figure of almost 3 million 500 thousand viewers. This event has made the native of Bilbao become a trend again.

However, it is not the only reason: a tweet on July 5 from the also digital entrepreneur about a possible arrival of Kylian Mbappé revolutionized the bird’s social network and others. The reason for this is that his fans returned to look for more information regarding Ibai, although in this case from a personal level, a facet that the celeb has always kept away from the spotlight and networks.

In that sense, who is Oier, Ibai Llanos’s brother, about whom the twitcher has spoken on more than one occasion on social networks but about whom little is known?

Who Is Oier, Ibai’S Brother Plains?

To begin, it is worth specifying that Ibai is not one to air details or information regarding his family. So much so that he only once saw his father, Javier Llanos; It was in the series of interviews that Ibai himself conducted, “Chatting Quietly”. During said dialogue, his parent asserted that despite the income of his son, he continues to work. For his part, the streamer indicated that his mother has always been a support for his professional career.

In the same vein, it is known that Ibai has a younger brother, named Oier, who has been referred to on his Twitter account in more than once and ironically or sarcastically.

In April 2022, in the presentation of a documentary that talks about the origin of KOI, the club that the largest of the Llanos shares with Gerard Piqué -Piqué’s ex-, Ibai’s younger brother, who would only be 18 years old to date, was captured by the youtuber’s cameras, which he broadcast live on his Twitch channel.

Genes don’t lie. Oier is quite similar to Ibai, but taller, although due to the mask that he used as a precaution, his face was not fully visible. What is also known is that Oier leads a life farther from the networks. When will he dare to introduce himself as Ibai’s younger brother? Only time knows it.

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