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The Bizarre Pizza Ad Donald and Ivana Trump Made Post-Divorce

The Bizarre Pizza Ad Donald and Ivana Trump Made Post-Divorce

A year after starring in a Pizza Hut advertisement, Ivana Trump made another notable appearance in the film “The First Wives Club,” where she played herself. In the movie, she famously quipped, “Ladies, remember: Don’t get mad. Get everything!” This became her iconic motto following her messy and very public divorce from Donald Trump. Ivana definitely left the marriage with a substantial settlement, although it took some tenacity on her part to secure it.

Initially, Ivana expressed dissatisfaction with the terms of the final prenuptial or nuptial agreement she signed with Donald, despite reportedly signing four different agreements during their marriage. According to The New York Times, the terms proposed that Ivana would receive $25 million and a large property in Connecticut. In addition, People magazine reported that the agreement granted Ivana custody of their three children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, along with child support, spousal support, and some time every year at Donald’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

However, Ivana found these terms insufficient. Her attorney labeled the deal “unconscionable and fraudulent” (via Newsweek). Seeking a fairer settlement, Ivana aimed much higher; she wanted 50% of Donald’s assets and decided to sue him for it. Despite the jest about splitting everything in the Pizza Hut commercial they did together, Ivana ultimately did not walk away with half of Donald’s fortune, mainly because he was facing financial issues himself at the time.

Ivana’s battle for a bigger piece of the pie highlights the complexities and drama that often accompany high-stakes divorces, especially ones conducted under the intense gaze of public scrutiny.

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