The bizarre salaries of the cast of La Casa de Papel

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In just a few hours, Netflix will add the fifth and final season of The Money Heist. After almost a year of waiting, fans will finally know the fate of Spain’s most feared robbers. At the end of the fourth edition they are seen, all of them, surrounded by the Civil Guard while The Professor is caught by Inspector Sierra.

So much so that, now, the gang is expected to escape from the Bank of Spain in the most unexpected way possible. And, with this fifth season, which is divided into two parts since the remaining five chapters will be released on December 3, The Money Heist comes to an end. The series, created by Álex Pina, was a worldwide phenomenon since its arrival on Netflix and, now, it will finally have the long-awaited closure.

Some years ago, when it first premiered on Antena 3, a Spanish television network, the strip was canceled after the first two seasons. But, his arrival on the platform transformed it into one of the most successful fictions of recent times. That is why, with the incredible furor it generated, the starring cast of The Money Heist began to receive outrageous salaries for his work.

The cast of La Casa de Papel receives more money every day. Photo: (Netflix)

Although at first the product was just rising to fame, once the success exploded around the world, the sum of money went up for everyone. According to the website specialized in finance, Five days, after 2018, when the furor began with his arrival on Netflix, The Money Heist increased its revenue to 19.1 million euros. That is, the production began to be able to pay the actors about $ 100,000 per episode.

In the list provided by the aforementioned portal, it is Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Pedro Alonso, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente and Esther Acebo who receive this money. Also, as well mentioned Five days, at the end of the fifth season premiere, the series will count with 41 accumulated episodes, which would leave the cast with a profit of 4.1 million dollars for all their participation.

On the other hand, who also receives a bizarre salary is Álex Pina himself. The creator of this strip earns 1.5 million dollars which are discounted from the total earnings of the series (19.1 million euros).

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