The Bolivian people are no longer able to bear any impunity: Arce’s warning after Jeanine Áñez’s requests for freedom

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The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, warned this Monday that they will continue to seek justice for the victims of the 2019 massacres, committed during the de facto government, since the South American country “is no longer able to endure any impunity.”

“We recently recalled the coup d’état of the year 71, where there were also deaths, and 50 years later there is still impunity for those who were in this coup, and the Bolivian people are no longer able to endure any impunity nor pacts of silence“, said Arce, during an official act in the General Staff of the Army.

His statement comes two days after the de facto former president Jeanine Áñez, accused of “terrorism, sedition and conspiracy” in the context of the coup against Evo Morales in 2019 and in the process of initiating a liability trial. Due to the Sacaba and Senkata massacres, he was cut into his arm while he was in a prison in La Paz.

In this context, national and international organizations have requested the release of the de facto ex-president; for example, the opposition Civic Committee pro Santa Cruz has spoken, whose head, Rómulo Calvo, said that Áñez “is being violated his rights.”

Likewise, the former presidents who make up the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA), in a statement, blame the Bolivian State and its government for “the life and personal integrity” of Áñez.

This Sunday, the office of the United Nations (UN) in Bolivia reported that representatives of that institution visited the Miraflores Penitentiary, where Áñez is located, and spoke with the de facto former president “in a confidential manner.”

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Self-inflicted physical injuries were found that required medical assistance provided by the penitentiary center, “says the UN Bolivia statement. In addition, it states that Áñez” referred to feeling physically weakened and deeply emotionally affected “and suggests care for the detained policy in accordance with international standards.

“A debt with 38 families”

Last week, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) of Bolivia, of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), presented its final report on the human rights violations registered in the South American country in 2019, and confirmed that in the cities of Sacaba and Senkata massacres were committed and that in the repressions of different social protests that took place that year 38 people were killed.

“The correct, real and concrete way to pacify that we have is the application of justice, as requested by the families of the people who have lost lives; because here we are not talking about the fact that the coup simply left economic damage, it left a debt with 38 families in the country “, emphasized Arce.

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