The Boys: news video as season 3 teaser and A-Train music video clip

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The Boys, the popular superhero series of Amazon Prime Video, continues to offer previews of its third season through various newscasts set in their own universe offered by Vought, the company behind the plot of the creation of men and women with superpowers. In addition, its creators have shared a new music video in charge of A-Train, a hip hop song that has nothing to envy to real productions and that puts us even more in the crazy and implacable universe of The Boys.

The Boys: Season 3 No Release Date

Thus, and despite the fact that Amazon has not yet announced the release date of the third season of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video, those responsible are sharing hilarious television news programs offered by Vought News Network, a series of fictional shows that expand the universe of The Boys, showing their superhero protagonists in different contexts and following the events seen above.

As a curiosity, the new streaming service is introduced Vought+, fictitious platform promoted by Seven, including Patriot, Starlight it is included Black Noir, despite the fact that he cannot speak (although he already manages to communicate with the audience). Other funny details of the video are the promotion of the new A-Train music video, Faster, which you can see heading this news or the announcement of a Vought theme park in true Disneyland style.

The Boys have yet to confirm the premiere date for their season 3, though it will likely premiere on Amazon Prime Video at end of this year 2021. A few months ago we were able to enjoy some filtered images of the filming set of this new season and that revealed a time jump, from 2020 (season 2) to 2024, year in which this new batch of episodes would be set.

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