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The Boys S4 E6: The Beginning of the End for Butcher

The Boys S4 E6: The Beginning of the End for Butcher

As it stands now, there’s no confirmation which side of Butcher’s mental state he’ll succumb to just yet. The hope is that he’ll listen to his heart and refrain from an action that would put supes like Ryan, Kimiko, and Starlight in danger. Unfortunately, though, that would be a massive deviation from how “The Boys” comic ends that would ultimately undo where the show has taken us so far. As much of a leader as Butcher might’ve been up until now, he’s always been an outsider and far from the team player that all of his other colleagues have been since the beginning. Here is where he could cut himself off permanently from Hughie and the group for good.

In the comics, Homelander doesn’t survive this epic story after Butcher completes his mission. With that conflict done and dusted, he sees the only sensible option being to put a stop to supes for good, even turning on and eliminating most of The Boys in the process. It’s this huge turn of events that feels like the only route left to take and could be what’s waiting around the corner next season. How this will impact the rest of the team has yet to be seen, but it’ll certainly make for interesting viewing whenever we’re reunited with Butcher and his diabolical solo mission of self-destruction in what could be the final chapter of “The Boys.”

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