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The Boys' Spider-Man Is Less Gross Than Expected

The Boys’ Spider-Man Is Less Gross Than Expected

Webweaver’s web-shooting abilities might seem a bit outlandish, but they are surprisingly more biologically accurate compared to Tobey Maguire’s version of Spider-Man. Unlike Maguire’s Spider-Man, who shoots webs from his wrists, Webweaver has a spinneret organ located in the nether regions of his body, similar to real spiders. However, in stark contrast to real spiders who pull out their webs slowly with special leg bristles, Webweaver expels his webbing with noise and force, making for some low-brow comedic moments reminiscent of Maguire’s web-shooting style.

The show gives subtle hints that Webweaver’s abilities are not just for comedic effect. When he is fully committed, his powers go beyond creating useless globs. His home is often depicted filled with massive, intricate webs, showcasing his potential when he operates at full capacity. Tek Knight’s interest in recruiting Webweaver as a sidekick, albeit for reasons beyond his crime-fighting skills, hints at Webweaver’s still-existing credibility. His association with Tek Knight suggests his stature as a Supe, even one stylish yet malicious, and this public affiliation further cements his validity.

Moreover, Webweaver’s significance is solidified by his presence alongside members of the Seven and other prominent Supes in “The Boys'” parody game “Tournament of Heroes,” done in a “Mortal Kombat” style. This suggests that Vought has historically marketed Webweaver as an A-list Supe. It highlights his past relevance in Vought’s promotional machinery, indicating a legacy of some degree of importance.

It remains to be seen if Webweaver will evolve to become a formidable force in the storyline or if he will continue to be a source of comic relief in the upcoming “The Boys” Season 4. However, the live-action incarnation of Webweaver has more screen time compared to his comic book counterpart. In the comics, the original Boys team eliminates his character before the main narrative even starts, giving the live-action Webweaver a chance to build his own unique story arc.

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