The brutal economic offer of Barcelona to have Lionel Messi

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In Spain they are already talking about 300 million euros what Barcelona would have put in writing in the new contract Lionel Messi to retain him as a footballer for the next two seasons, and in some other role for another three years, although for now there is no renewal announcement and the Catalan club is looking for a way to respect the financial Fair Play required by the Spanish League, already turn to continue counting on the best footballer in the world.

In the latest edition of the program The beach bar, which is broadcast on Spanish television, the journalist Josep Pedrerol affirmed that Barcelona’s super offer consists of 300 million euros gross for five seasons, of which Messi would win 200 in the first two years as a player and then 100 million spread over the next three years.

Today, Messi is a free player for the first time in his career, although he would have already accepted the proposal to continue at Barça and now it is the club that has to solve the big problem of how to register the new contract in the Spanish League while respecting the Fair Play.

That the link has not been renewed before June 30 does not change the verbal agreement and everything indicates that Leo will continue with the Blaugrana shirt, but it is still a very particular fact that the best footballer in the world today is without a contract for the first time once in 20 years.

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The intention of the leadership led by Joan Laporta is to ensure the renewal of Messi and announce it as soon as possible. Likewise, in the last hours he asked for “tranquility” in this regard and indicated that he is very confident in achieving the continuity of 10.

As of today, Barcelona cannot:

  • Retain the player: Messi can sign for any team today without giving explanations.
  • Cover Messi in case of injury: the 10 He will no longer have medical insurance with Barça. If he is injured in the Copa América, the AFE has to be held responsible.
  • Use the image of Messi with the new shirt or anything that is from the future season.
  • Sell ​​Messi jerseys from the 2021/22 season in your official store.

Starting today, Barcelona can:

  • Continue using the image of Leo with the shirt of other seasons, both on the web, and in networks and promotional actions.
  • Use images and content of Messi in the Copa América with the Argentine National Team.
  • Maintain the image and name of Messi on the official website of the entity as a Barça player.

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