The CEO of cosmetics Lush says he is “happy to lose 13 million dollars” by leaving social networks

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The CEO of the cosmetics brand Lush said he was “happy to lose $ 13 million” after deleting his social media accounts, in response to the damage they cause to teenage girls, as reflected in an internal investigation recently leaked by an employee.

The cosmetics company closed its accounts of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat Worldwide.

At the beginning of this week the British brand announced its exit from the networks, on the eve of one of the biggest shopping days throughout the year, the so-called ‘black friday’.

“I am happy to lose £ 10 million [13,3 millones de dólares] for leaving Facebook “, said Mark Constantine, CEO of the company to The Guardian, forwarding the financial consequences that will entail the decision.

Annoyed by the lack of reaction of Meta to the leaked information about the existence of an internal investigation that suggests that its Instagram application worsens the adolescent body image problems, the manager assures that he had “no other option.”

“I just thought, ‘That’s their own research and they are ignoring it and we are drawing people to their platform,'” said the 69-year-old businessman.

Stepping out of the assumptions that, in reality, the step taken is a marketing move to attract more customers, Constantine assured that it is about a decision made for “genuine reasons”. “We haven’t done it as a public relations stunt,” he said, adding that if the brand backed down now “it would be a laughingstock.”

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