The Challenge Season 38 Release Date and Everything we know

The Challenge has a huge legacy in the reality show sector. It has completed its 37th season run recently. The curtain dropped for the 37th season, named “Spies, Lies, and Allies,” on 15th December. But the fans are already waiting for Challenge Season 38. So, when is the 38th season of this famous MTV production going to happen? Are you eager to remain ahead in the race to know some insider details? This article will offer you everything that you need to know for The Challenge Season 38 Release Date, Cast, and theme. But, we recommend you to take each news with a pinch of salt!

 A little flashback

The Challenge started its original run on MTV in 1998 and has been strong since its first season. The show was earlier known as “Road Rules: All-Stars” and “Real World/ Road Rules Challenge”. This show features well-known TV and showbiz or entertainment personalities or reality TV personalities in an obstacle-themed reality TV game series for an entire season. Each season comes with distinct themes, and contestants are paired in teams or individually according to the team. The show uses traditional challenges with modern and mind-blogging obstacles and tasks for the participants. The result? Viewers get full-on entertainment with some adrenaline rush, melodrama, love, hate, etc.!

The last season got mixed reviews from the dedicated The Challenge viewers- some loved it, others hated it! In the 37th season, CT Tamburello was the winner in the men’s team, while Kaycee Clark won from the women’s team.

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CT Tamburello with Lavin
Kaycee Clark

These two lucky participants battled other 32 candidates to win $1million prize money. Generous enough, both the winners offered $50000 from their share for the other finalists!

So, now jump on the possibilities of the 38th season!

Release date for The Challenge Season 38?

The producers and MTV officials are yet to make any formal announcements. But, checking out the show’s history, we can surely make a few guesses about the possible release date of the 38th season. As per the trends, The Challenge team usually announces the details of the next season after one or two months of one season. Hence, they can release the details like The Challenge season 38 release date in February or March 2022.

But, another shocking news from Reddit has already divided the fans. As per Reddit, the filming of Challenge season 38 is delayed for a few months! In addition, the source claims that the shooting of another MTV show, “Legends All stars 3,” will be wrapped before the shooting of The Challenge 38 starts!

Source: Reddit

Moreover, another Reddit account of PinkRose has supported this claim by saying that the shooting of the 38th season will not start before March 2022! After all, PinkRose has leaked some authentic spoilers related to “The Challenge” in the past!

source: Reddit

All these claims have a few genuine backups as the Covid cases increase again, and shooting for a reality show can be tougher amidst the pandemic and other restricted conditions.

Hence, fans have to wait till MTV makes any formal announcement!

 The cast of The Challenge season 38

TJ Lavin will also reprise his role as the presenter and anchor of the 38th season. This man has a background in sports and encourages the participants while maintaining a no-nonsense attitude, ideal for a show like The Challenge. Over the years, Lavin has become a household name with his unique anchoring tone.

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Now, it is yet to be finalized for the cast or the actual competitors. PinkRose has already speculated that Kyland, Nelson, and Josh may return in the 38th season as well!

Other insiders speculate that many The Challenge veteran players and winners or finalists of previous seasons may reappear in season 38.

But, there will be some more familiar faces as well. But, the list is not finalized, and officials are tight-lipped about it too! So, wait till MTV makes any official announcement in this matter. But, according to Mostersandcritics, Cara Maria Sorbello, Paulie Calafiore, and Kayland Young(Big Brother 23 fame) might receive the call for The Challenge 38 cast.

The theme of season 38

Fans are already making guesses about the theme of the upcoming season 38! Many fans are demanding that the show makers change the theme. One Twitter user, bluecomp1ex, also demanded that the spy-themed missions and the movie-inspired obstacles become monotonous! Many other fans have also supported this opinion.

Source: Twitter

As speculations are going on, there is enough fire to start a discussion! But, the final decision lies in the hands of the producers. Hence, you have to wait for any confirmed news from reliable sources!


In conclusion, The Challenge fans need to wait for at least one month to get some official update. But, MTV will be back with the show as it is one of their most loved reality shows. So, viewers, it is time to keep your fingers crossed to watch some much-loved TV personalities becoming a part of the legacy of the Challenge in season 38!

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