“The Challenges of Meghan Markle’s Return to Britain: A Tough Road Ahead”

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Meghan Markle Absent from Prince Harry’s Coronation: A Blow to British People and King Charles III

Even for Meghan Markle fans, and I count myself among the most ardent of them, it is a great shame that she apparently decided not to accompany Prince Harry to the coronation.

It seems, although it may not have been intended to be, a slight to King Charles III and possibly the British people, which I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to.

The revealing thing is that Harry will come, but without his loving wife and his children. That’s not a good feeling.

A Sad Situation and Uncomfortable Future

The situation is obviously very sad, and it’s made even worse because it makes any subsequent visit to Britain by the Duchess of Sussex, private or public, that much more uncomfortable.

When she breaks the habit of traveling for visiting family and friends, relationships wither and it’s a loss for everyone involved.

Those of us hoping for a reconciliation and return to public life for the Sussexes are naturally disappointed.

A Missing Glamor for the Royal Family

As we see from the ongoing uproar over the Sussexes, they still have star status and would be incredible assets to the House of Windsor.

As expected when we learned that “Harry met Meghan” and they were married in 2018 (five years next month to be precise), they bring an ease and glamor to the royal family that hasn’t been noticed since Diana’s death.

Effortlessly, they made the monarchy seem more modern and more like the multiracial nation and Commonwealth it purports to lead. They are missed.

Possible Reasons for Meghan’s Absence

I have no idea what led to this outcome, or whether the Palace may have made any demands on Meghan, or vice versa.

It may well be that, particularly with their legal action against some of the more hostile sections of the media British, Meghan feared another round of abuse and the kind of vile comments she was subjected to on social media and the “comments” section of tabloid newspaper websites.

There will undoubtedly be rumors about requirements of tiaras, appearances, status, and the like. These are difficult issues to digest.

Possible Safety Concerns

Rightly or wrongly, she might well have been concerned for the safety of her children and her own.

The hatred towards her is hard to comprehend and often completely irrational, if not insane. She could have been booed. She will have had to take that into account.

A Touching Yet Different Situation

There is also that sad echo of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Her uncle, the Duke of Windsor, who lived in exile in Paris, was advised by the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (in name of the palace) that he, a former king, and his wife, Wallis Simpson, would not be welcome.

For Edward VIII, who had abdicated and sparked a national crisis 17 years earlier, and whose actions still aroused resentment in royal circles, it was an inevitable outcome.

This case, seven decades later, is very different, with an apparently sincere invitation from Charles III but it’s just as touching.

An Unhappy Engagement for What Should Be a Happy Day

So, for whatever reason, we’re left, at best, with an unhappy engagement for what should be a happy day.

Harry will be there and will be reunited with his family for the first time since the queen’s funeral and Spare’s publication.

Meghan will not be by his side, nor will the children.

The king and the rest of the family will be disappointed that she is not accompanying Harry (or at least one would hope so), and much of the public will mourn her absence.

A Permanent Estrangement?

The coronation will be much poorer without Meghan, but overall, she will have missed it too.

The longer the exile and estrangement last, the more permanent it becomes.

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