The Chamber of Deputies launched a portal with legislative information on gender

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In recent years, progress has been made from the political sphere in terms of gender equality. The activism of the group Ni Una Menos, the debates around the Law of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy, the parity in the preparation of party lists and in the composition of the National Congress, were triggers that positioned the gender issue as one of the main points to be addressed by legislators and rulers.

From this perspective, Chamber of Deputies launched a portal with legislative information on gender which, in addition to providing data of interest and promoting various activities, offers the possibility of accessing the Trans Employment Program by uploading a CV.

It is a new tool aimed at bringing equality and diversity policies closer to the community, the Chamber’s workers, the media, and national and international organizations.

The brand new site offers a search engine for consult the laws approved in this matter, as well as the projects in progress. From there you can see in detail how the legislative journey of these regulations was or what is still to be covered.

The website was designed by the General Directorate of Equality and the Department of Gender and Sexual Diversity of the General Directorate of Human Resources of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, chaired by Sergio Massa.

In this sense, and within the framework of the commitment to gender equality and sexual diversity, it seeks to guarantee access to public information to citizens, bringing all parliamentary actions on gender and diversity closer together.

The portal has the possibility of downloading material, audiovisual content and podcasts, knowing programs and projects that were implemented in the Chamber, accessing a timeline with the approved laws, and a section with the activities carried out together with the Gender community and organizations throughout the country.

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On the other hand, the site offers the possibility of accessing the Trans Employment Program through CV upload. You can learn more details by entering the site through

The lower house is also preparing to debate and sanction the 2022 budget, which, as it happened for the first time with 2021, will contain a gender and diversity perspective. In other words, it is organized under the slogan that one of the central objectives is to guide public policies and resources to close gender gaps.

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