the character that will destabilize Ricky and Lizzie’s relationship

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Virgin River It is one of the most popular series that are currently within the immense content catalog of the streaming service Netflix, so its fourth season is highly anticipated. At the moment its filming is being developed and a detail was released that is already causing talk among fans.

The third batch of episodes arrived on the platform in July of this year and quickly became one of the most chosen by subscribers. His audience numbers were important to the company’s executives and the good news did not take long to arrive, since it was officially reported that it was renewed for a fourth and fifth installment.

+ The character that destabilizes Ricky and Lizzie’s relationship

Besides Mel and Jack’s main romance, another favorite is that of Ricky y Lizzie, played by Grayson Gurnsey and Sarah Dugdale. They appeared for the first time in season 2 and love was only growing, but a new advance made it clear that there may be problems in the couple because of a character.

The social networks of fiction published a video in whichIt was revealed that Kai Bradbury will play Denny, a young man who is the grandson of Vernom “Doc” Mullins.. The reactions of the fans were immediate and They assured that he can be a key piece in the relationship in question, since Ricky could return to his city to fulfill his dream of being a Marine and Lizzie will meet a new love interest.

At the moment it is a rumor generated by the followers of the series, although their speculations at the end of everything may be true. The fourth season of Virgin River It is in the process of recording at the moment and until now it is unknown when a first preview will arrive or its release date.

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