The characters Cammy and Guile from Street Fighter are coming to Fortnite soon: when and how to get them?

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Fortnite continues to add characters of all kinds to its selection of skins in Battle Royale mode. The last most popular and desired additions were Rick and morty, Suicide Squad Bloodsport (James Gunn) Y Lebron James on the occasion of the premiere of Space Jam: New Legends. Now we know that Cammy and Guile from Street Fighter will officially join Fortnite on August 7, 2021. They are not the first Street Fighter characters in the game: Ryu and Chun-Li arrived in February 2021.

Guile’s suit shows off the classic combat uniform he wore in the original Street Fighter II and adds the Guile Training T-shirt variant and the KO backpacking accessory.

Delta Red member Cammy arrives in her classic outfit and you can also equip the Boreal Bag backpacking accessory and its tactical Cammy variant.

Cammy and Guile’s full pack also features the Guile’s Knucklebreaker Pickaxe, the Cammy’s Delta Red Scythe pickaxe and the ala delta Vector de V-Trigger, inspired by Guile’s original setting.

If you want a chance to get Cammy’s outfit and Boreal Bag backpacking accessory before they hit the Item Shop by competing in the Cammy Cup on August 5 in Fortnite. It is a tournament of duos. The best teams from each region will receive the Cammy outfit and Boreal Bag backpacking accessory, and all teams that score at least 8 points will receive the “Round 2” loading screen.

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