The charge of Ander Herrera to Marcos Rojo for trying to hit a security with a fire extinguisher

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The charge of Ander Herrera to Marcos Rojo for trying to hit a security with a fire extinguisher

Marcos Rojo was one of the great protagonists of Boca on the night of the Mineirao. In the game he had a correct performance and was one of the high points of the team, but outside the field of play, his attitude was that of a thug. I don’t just try was beaten with security personnel, but also, tried to hit one of them with a fire extinguisher. The image immediately went viral.

Ander Herrera, Red’s former teammate at Manchester United, made fun of the situation on social media and posted a photo of the defender with a fire extinguisher emoji and a laughing face. That’s right: the Boca scandal overcame the barriers of South America and it is already an international scandal.

It must be said that when he committed the aggressions, Red never realized he was filmed. The defender of Xeneize was caught through a cell phone camera when he rebukes, along with Carlos Izquierdoz, a stadium security employee. And in another video you can also see how he grabs a fire extinguisher to fight; the side Marcelo Weigandt stops him in time and takes it out of his hands to avoid further damage.

But those in Rojo weren’t the only videos of the night. In other images, members of the coaching staff and leaders are seen starting the fight in the changing room area.

The embarrassing incidents of Boca-Mineiro after the elimination.

At the beginning of the sequence, Miguel Ángel Russo is seen jostling with the security forces, but it is Raul Cascini, one of the members of the Soccer Council, the one who begins to throw blows. From there, the hecatomb.

Fences and water dispensers fly. Sebastián Villa and Jorge Bermúdez also appear on the scene, very angry about the situation that was developing. Seconds later the bullfights and the violent actions of the police begin: the footballers leave the place and quickly three uniformed men appear, throwing pepper spray.

In the sequences, Lisandro López also appears, inside the field with other colleagues who re-entered due to the police attack, he showed the annoyance on his face due to the gases, like the youthful Alan Varela, this one meters from the Boca changing room.

TREMENDOUS. Rojo and Izquierdoz’s fight with a security employee (Photo: Capture).

The incident would have started when the players went to the locker room corridors to complain to the Uruguayan referee, Esteban Ostojich, who at the request of the VAR annulled a legitimate goal by Marcelo Weingandt 17 minutes into the second half, and then the police began to throw gases towards the entrance area of ​​the visiting changing room.

In television images you can also see how Atlético Mineiro president Sergio Coelho throws a bottle of water to Boca players who were on the other side of the locker room in the middle of general chaos. Sad images reminiscent of years past and previous embarrassments.

Boca’s last elimination in the round of 16 was against River in 2015, when the match was suspended before the second half began because some fans threw pepper spray against the River Plate players. Then the Disciplinary Court of Conmebol ended the game and gave it to River.

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