The chemistry between Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac explains why you should watch Secrets of a marriage

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It is Sunday a new bet of HBO Max will hit the streaming platform. It is an addition to the catalog that, even before its premiere, is already making people talk around the world. His name is Secrets of a Marriage, but probably the series has gained more recognition for its protagonists: Jessica Chastain y Oscar Isaac. In recent days, their names have become number one trends. Here we tell you why!

Like so many other actors, this duo is in Venice taking advantage of it to publicize your next project, as well as enjoying the work of colleagues. In this case, they both took a moment to pose in the Red carpet from the new movie Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, Official Competition. However, the film remained in the background and what went viral was another moment of the night: his great chemistry.

The protagonists of the miniseries directed by Hagai Levi They have shown to have a great relationship that goes beyond complicity in the filming. With hugs and kisses, his elegance left everyone who was on the red carpet open-mouthed and later the large number of users who followed the event from a distance. And although many believe that this is a new couple, the truth is that they are both married.

The chemistry between the protagonists of Secrets of a Marriage is undeniable (Getty).

For 2017, the two had their big wedding. Jessica Chastain said yes with Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, while Oscar Isaac sealed his marriage with Elvira Lind. Anyway, the chemistry they have between them transcends the screens. His walk through Venice fulfilled his goal: now we all need more than ever to see the series and understand how their relationship works under a script.

This is how it will be Secrets of a Marriage

Based on the classic Swedish series of Ingmar Bergman, the HBO production will function as a modern adaptation that will run for five episodes that will leave every Sunday from September 12. Everything is promising for this fiction that, according to its official synopsis, explores “love, hate, desire, monogamy, marriage and divorce” through the relationship of this very special couple. While Chastain will play an ambitious tech entrepreneur, Isaac will play an overly accommodating professor of cerebral philosophy.

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