The Chilean Congress rejected the decriminalization of abortion and delays the treatment of equal marriage

The Congress of Chile on Tuesday it gave a hard blow to the movement for the legalization of abortion by rejecting the bill that decriminalizes the voluntary interruption of pregnancy up to 14 weeks of gestation. At the same time, he postponed a same-sex marriage project until next week.

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Why legal abortion did not pass the filter of the Chamber of Deputies in Chile

The Chamber of Deputies had approved “in general” the bill that opened the doors to legal abortion on September 28, but this Tuesday the body analyzed the text in particular and failed to pass the legislative filter.

With 65 votes against, 62 in favor and a single abstention, the Lower House rejected the project that in this way it was filed. The decision prevents a new treatment for at least a year from now.

In the trans-Andean country, it is only legal to abort in the event of fetal infeasibility, risk of death of the mother or in pregnancies resulting from rape, thanks to an initiative approved in 2017 during the second term of the socialist Michelle Bachelet (20014-2018).

We will lose as many times as necessary to win a free, legal and free abortion. I don’t know when we will present it again (the project) but I promise you that we will do it until the end, ”said left-wing deputy Maite Orsini, one of the promoters of the rule.

The rejection of the norm was celebrated in the opposite sidewalk. “The woman has the right to her body, but the unborn child is not part of her body. Not because crimes are committed abroad, I want them to be committed in Chile”, Expressed the right-wing legislator Diego Schalper, from Renovación Nacional.

The text guaranteed abortion up to the 14th week of gestation, but did not guarantee it as a free and free right.

Why the Chilean Congress postponed the treatment of the law on equal marriage

Meanwhile, the Chilean Congress will decide next week on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage after postponing the vote scheduled for this Tuesday in the Senate.

The text, highly anticipated by the LGBTIQ + community, was reviewed by the Constitutional Commission of the upper house. Faced with differences that arose between the senators, it was decided to turn the project over to a mixed commission.

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“There is a discouragement but at the same time the hope continues, because we have the support of the community,” he told the AFP Javiera Zúñiga, spokesperson for the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh), outside the Congress headquarters in Valparaíso.

When will the law on equal marriage be treated in Chile

The Mixed Commission will meet next Monday. “There are some issues to correct, but we have the firm conviction to approve it although we must be rigorous,” explained the senator of the opposition Socialist Party, Alfonso Durresti.

Among the points that generated divergences is the modification of the labor code, the grounds for divorce when there is a gender change and the possibility that fertility treatments may be performed by a third person, opening the possibility of allowing the “surrogate belly”.

Today, the only legal tool to legally unite same-sex couples in Chile is the Civil Union Agreement – approved in 2015 – which allows access to almost all the rights stipulated by marriage but denies the possibility of adoption and filiation rights. of children for same-sex couples

If approved, Chile would become the ninth country in the Americas to legalize equal marriage after Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. In Mexico it is legal in 14 of the 32 states of the country.

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