The Chivas-America Classic Match from Akron in Today

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The National Classic: Chivas vs. América

The Akron Stadium will be dressed up to witness a new edition of the National Classic between Chivas and América live, valid for the semifinal of the Closing Tournament of La Liga MX this Thursday, May 18 from 8:10 p.m. at the Akron Stadium Zapopan.

Protagonists and Table Standings

Fernando Tano Ortíz managed to get Club América to finish second in the general table with 34 points in a great tournament and with good football in large parts. The other side of the coin is Veljko Paunovic, who managed to get his sacred flock to 34 points, but on goal difference they were in third place.

Those from the capital seemed to take the series easily after winning the First Leg of the Quarterfinals 3-1 to Atlético de San Luis, but in a scare in the Vuelta, they ended with a 4-3 aggregate. On the other hand, the people from Guadalajara surpassed Atlas thanks to a 1-1 aggregate. The general table and its criteria were what gave them the pass.

Link Streaming and Mobile Applications

To follow all the live coverage through television channels, link streaming, and mobile applications from wherever you are, you can access the following mobile applications from your cell phone. You just have to click on the link, subscribe, make a monthly payment and enjoy the great match between the two clubs that have a lot of history under their belt.

Game Time and Location

Chivas vs. América live will be played this Thursday, May 18th from 8:10 p.m. The game will take place at the Akron Stadium in Zapopan.

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Last 10 Games: Chivas vs. América

  • Chivas 2 – 4 América / Clausura 2023
  • América 2 – 1 Chivas / Apertura 2022
  • Chivas 0 – 0 América / Clausura 2022
  • América 0 – 0 Chivas / Apertura 2021
  • Chivas 0 – 3 América / Guard1anes 2021
  • América 1 – 2 Chivas / Quarterfinals Vuelta del Guardia 2020
  • Chivas 1 – 0 América / Quarterfinals Ida del Guardia1anes 2020
  • América 1 – 0 Chivas / Apertura 2020
  • América 4 – 1 Chivas / Apertura 2019
  • Chivas 0 – 2 América / Clausura 2019

Ticket Prices

Ticket costs ranged between 490 and 1,300 pesos, not including the Premier and Club Chivas areas. As expected, soccer fans responded since just days before they had spent similar amounts to see the Quarterfinal Round between Rebaño Sagrado and Atlas.

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