The Chosen Season 3: Release Date and Updates

A lot has been said and discussed about The Chosen. It is a popular crowd-funded series that narrates about the life of Jesus Christ. So far, the series has released two seasons and a few episodes from its third installment.

Here is everything to know about the series.

What is The Chosen all About?

The Chosen is centered on the life of Jesus Christ, as seen through the numerous people who encountered him in his ministries. In the first and second seasons, you will watch Jesus (depicted by Jonathan Roumie) and his increasing number of followers and disciples as he brings his teachings and messages of God to the people of Galilee, Samaria, and other regions. The second season concluded with his famous Sermon on the Mount. The third season of the series shows his movement continuing to gain followers, causing concern among the leaders of the Romans and the Pharisees.

Interestingly, the series has entertained a fairly unusual financial support system as it is completely funded by its fans. According to a few reports, the first season received over $11 million from over 16,000 donors worldwide. Since then, its production company – Angel Studios, claimed that the first three seasons received more than $40 million in donations.

More About Season 3

The makers released the first two episodes of the new season in the theatres. The premiere of the first two episodes was made on Friday, the 18th of November. The subsequent episodes have been released online, with a few already aired and the remaining ones in the pipeline.

A Massive Reception of the First Two Episodes from the Third Season

Angel Studios decided to release the first two episodes for a limited run in the theatres nationwide via Fathom Events. They announced that it was the highest-grossing event in the history of the company, selling over 1.2 million tickets and grossing more than $14.4 million at the US Box office.

Last month, CBN News reported that the third season of the series beat out DC Comics, Universal, and Disney. The special-event screening is considered by the film experts as a surprise upset. However, fans of the crowd-funded series have been anticipating its premiere for months. According to Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events,

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“The success of The Chosen Season 3: Episodes 1 and 2 is the perfect example of how innovative the event cinema business has become and how hungry audiences are for faith-based content. Additionally, the robust partnership that we have developed with Angel Studios and The Chosen team really works – not only for Fathom Events and our exhibition partners but for fans everywhere, including several international territories who want to see this content on the big screen and as a community.”

According to Jordan Harmon, the President of Angel Studios,

“Angel has spent years of building a dedicated audience around this series, not just people who will watch but fans who will take action. That audience turned out in force for this event, and we plan to use this same tactic to launch numerous other Angel Originals in theaters in the near future.”

The Streaming Debut of the Third Season

The streaming marathon of the subsequent episodes began on the 11th of December, 2022, via Angel Studios, with episodes released every week.

The director of the series, Dallas Jenkins, shared his thoughts in the trailer description of the third season. He stated, “Season three picks up where Season 2 left off, with Jesus delivering the most famous Sermon in history. What follows are the consequences of living out his teachings.”

Here are the details about the Episodes and their schedule on the streaming service.

Episode 1 – Homecoming

  • Early access on the 10th of December, 5 pm MST
  • General access on the 11th of December, 5 pm, MST.

Episode 2 – Two by Two

  • Early access on the 17th of December, 5 pm, MST
  • General access on the 18th of December, 5 pm, MST

Episode 3 – Physician, Heal Yourself

  • Early access on the 24th of December, 5 pm, MST
  • General access on the 25th of December, 5 pm MST

Episode 4, Clean, Part 1

  • Early access on the 31st of December, 5 pm, MST
  • General access on the 1st of January, 5 pm, MST

Episode 5, Clean, Part 2

  • Early access on the 7th of January, 5 pm, MST
  • General access on the 8th of January, 5 pm, MST
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Episode 6, Intensity in Tent City

  • Early access on the 14th of January, 5 pm, MST
  • General access on the 15th of January, 5 pm, MST

Episodes 7 and 8

  • Details for the last two episodes are yet to be announced. According to the showrunner, “We may have something special in store for Episodes 7 and 8, the season finale, so stay tuned for that.”

What Will Season 3 be About?

The theme of season 3 is from Matthew 11:28: “Come to me, you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

Jenkins stated, “When I sit in front of the blank page for Season 3, the blank page just wants me to make sure I continue the work I have been doing to honor and the scriptures.”

According to actor Brandon Potter, who plays Quint, “And obviously that means the hope burns brighter, I am proud of the things that we brought in that regard, that we get to tell as a sort of a more nuanced story with a little bit more friction, a little bit more pushback, the stakes are a little bit higher.”

The Storyline of Judas

Jenkins also highlighted the storyline of Judas throughout his interviews about the series,

The Judas storyline is a tricky one. Not only do we need to make it compelling for the audience when they already know the tragic end, we need to answer a few questions that aren’t in the Bible.”

Within the plot, Jesus also sends his disciples out two-by-two in this season, and one of the exciting parts of the show will be the pairings the writers decide on and how that will create intrigue in the script. After all, if Peter and Matthew are together, that is sure to create fireworks.

Other Highlights of the Third Season

  • The filming of the feeding of the 5,000 according to Dallas Jenkins, was the hardest thing the director has ever done. 
  • The third season will also witness the raising of Lazarus. There is a scene showing Jesus approaching a tomb. 
  • Season 3 will also feature an elevation in the role of women. The storyline will highlight Jesus elevating women.
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Top Reasons to Watch The Chosen

A series full of Emotions

The emotional ride that this show takes you on is unparalleled. The Chosen will either give you goosebumps or bring you to tears. The first few episodes will make you cry. The entire screenplay and direction of the show are extremely powerful. The actor who plays the role has done a wonderful job. He portrays the character as humble, gentle, and kind but also focused on His mission to point people to the kingdom of God.

Perfect Depiction of the Events

The series weaves different events and interactions to bring them to a climactic moment of Jesus changing someone’s life. You will notice it in many episodes throughout the series. One fine example is in the second episode of the second season, which portrays Nathanael as a Jewish architect who wants to construct buildings that connect people to God. When one of his projects fails, he despairs.

While sitting under a fig tree, he begs God to listen to him and asks God if He sees him. Following many coincidental circumstances, he meets Jesus, and Jesus says that He did indeed see Nathanael under the fig tree.

Not Just About the Show

The Chosen is not just about its direction or screenplay but the love for Jesus in people. With each episode, the audience tends to fall more and more in love with Jesus because of what God is going through in this show. This thought-provoking series will convince atheists to introspect their thoughts. The momentum that this series creates is sure to sweep thousands of viewers into the arms of Christ and the truth of his Word.

An Insight into the life of Disciples

Besides telling about the life of Jesus, The Chosen also highlights how human Jesus’ disciples were. For instance, Peter was very skeptical of Matthew’s intentions, even after the latter committed himself to Jesus’ ministry. It is encouraging to think that Jesus chose people who wanted to follow Him, but were still sinful, just like us.

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