The Civil Guard finds ERC’s hidden plan: return to the unilateral path after the pardons

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The Civil Guard finds ERC's hidden plan: return to the unilateral path after the pardons

The Civil Guard found a document power point of ERC which describes, with semicolons, the plan to force the Government of Pedro Sanchez to grant pardons and then achieve a break with the State through a unilateral declaration of independence. East power point has been incorporated into the summary of the operation Voloh, which investigates the alleged diversion of public money for the process, and was intervened last October to Xavier Vendrell, former secretary of organization of ERC and supposed leader in the shadow of the 1-0 and the Tsunami.

The document dismantles the spirit of the letter issued by the leader of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, in which he renounced the unilateral route, and describes with absolute precision all the movements that the party and government ally have been carrying out in recent months. Some movements that have led to the yes of the Government of the PSOE and Podemos to the granting of pardons to all those convicted of sedition after 1-O.

The evidence found by the Civil Guard they divided ERC’s objectives into three phases. According to the investigation, the formation of Junqueras would have already achieved until the second, to get the Presidency of the Generalitat, a fact that happened a few days ago after the electoral result of February 14 when.

The third phase, according to the document, consists of obtaining a negotiating table with the Government, whose sole purpose would be, on the one hand, to grant pardons to those convicted of the process, and on the other, force a Referendum agreed to allow Catalonia to leave Spain.

Thus, and as recent events show, ERC has achieved everything that has been marked on that roadmap, advanced by The confidential. In fact, from La Moncloa the negotiating table with the current Catalan president of ERC, Pere Aragonés, is already being finalized. As for the references used by the independentists within the document, it stands as an essential mirror in which to look at the Scottish independence referendum held in 2014.

And in reference to the latter, as the Catalan independence movement has been doing in recent years, they believe it is essential that the conflict be ‘internationalized’. This point is not trivial, when Pere Aragonés himself has not stopped repeating that there is a need to get international support for your secessionist cause.


This is not the first document that the Civil Guard finds and that dismantles the independence discourse. In 2017, agents of the Armed Institute found at the home of Josep Maria Jové, one of Junqueras’ right hands, another 41-page document entitled “Enfocats”, which explained the route to follow to achieve a break with Spain through the holding of an illegal referendum.

During the investigation, the agents determined that this first document had been written a year before 1-O, in 2016. But as has happened with the public fact this Thursday, that it was fulfilled step by step.

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