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The Clear Signs Christina Hall's HGTV Reputation Has Soured

The Clear Signs Christina Hall’s HGTV Reputation Has Soured

Surprisingly, Christina Hall doesn’t seem all that popular with HGTV fans who use Reddit during the network’s commercial breaks. Dozens of fans gathered in 2023 to discuss how much they’d rather not have Hall in their lineup. Underneath a post titled “I’m looking for go tf away!!” fans shared their unfiltered opinions about Hall’s television presence. “I can’t stand this woman. There is not a thing that is genuine about her, she’s as fake as faux fur,” wrote one fan. Another fan questioned Hall’s home decor skills. “Honestly, I don’t know why HGTV still keeps her. She’s annoying and all ‘Her Designs’ are just whatever the generic basic b***h trends are that month with no effort,” they wrote.

Fans have also expressed annoyance about how she promotes products. In a Reddit post centered around Hall promoting a gambling app, fans absolutely tore into her voice. “Her delivery is also cringe and embarrassing … You would think she would have taken vocal lessons by now,” wrote one user. Another fan agreed, commenting, “I know — the cadence of her voice drives me absolutely up the wall. The way her voice goes up after every phrase and then down so we know she’s finished a sentence…” Several more fans speculated about Hall’s motives for promoting a project outside of the home renovation space. That said, one fan defended Hall for making as much influencer money as she could.

Source: House Digest