The Clitoral Sucker and its Potential Impact on Sexual Health: Uncovering the Truth

The Clitoral Sucker and its Potential Impact on Sexual Health: Uncovering the Truth

Experts Warn of Potential Harm Caused by Clitoral Suckers

Experts affirm that the clitoral sucker can harm our sexual health and the way in which we relate sexually with other people. Sexual health involves so many details. It is not only about being well physically, but also emotionally. And within these objectives there is a wide range of factors that contribute or subtract. Especially if, as in health in general, we try to keep the balance.

The news that has set off alarm bells regarding a sex toy dedicated to female masturbation is precisely about balance. Although we have insisted that masturbation, even as a couple, has many benefits and that sex toys allow us to explore our pleasure to get to know each other better, it has also been said that careful use of them is necessary because they can influence the way we approach sex.

Clitoral Suckers and Sexual Rehabilitation

In an article published by the University of Cantabria, Spain, on the occasion of the Advances in prevention course and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions, it has been ensured that the clitoral sucker can harm our way of having sex. The text addresses details on the application of physiotherapy to improve sexual performance and explore the possibilities of recovery from sexual disorders.

Within these topics, the role of sex toys in the rehabilitation process is discussed, for which the expert Concepción Pérez Castro is consulted, who asserts that clitoral suckers make us reach orgasm very quickly and is short in time, while in therapy we try to achieve orgasm but make it long-lasting.

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Pérez says that a very fast orgasm is not good because what we really have to seek is to achieve pleasure through stimulation, eroticization of different areas of the body, but also of our mind. It is as if the speed that these articles provide does not accommodate all the phases that we have to go through to reach orgasm.

The Pros and Cons of Clitoral Suckers

This sex toy, which has been a success since its launch and whose sales in 2019 reached 440% over the previous year, according to Marketing News, essentially consists of sending sonic waves to specifically stimulate the clitoris, with which you can reach an orgasm in an average of two minutes.

It sounds tempting of course, but therein lies its first big drawback. If it is used too much, and at its maximum intensity, it is possible that we will not be able to reach orgasm in any other way than by using this little device. The psychologist Claudia Nicolasa, a renowned disseminator of information on relationships, couples and empowerment, gives her opinion on her Twitter account. Instagram that, although it is not against the use of these devices, it is true that this type of stimulation is accustoming us to “immediate, ultra-intense, passive, solitary sexuality.” And this brings important difficulties that affect our behavior and response when having sexual intercourse.

Consolidating relationships with a partner requires some effort, involvement and an active search for pleasure and getting to know each other. So it’s not bad, but it all depends on how we use it and the context we bring. It is best to alternate the use of these devices with other forms of masturbation.

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Preventing Harm and Maintaining Sexual Health

Likewise, the gynecologist and sexual health coach Sofía Herrera, who directs the sexual education platform Tu Salud Intima together with Dr. Klara Senior, says that it is very important to take measures with the use of this and other vibrators so as not to make us addicted, numbing the area, or having difficulty sustaining relationships with a partner. It is recommended that they not be used at their maximum power, and alternate their use with other less intense forms of masturbation.

Among the advantages of this device is that it will really make the majority of women experience orgasm efficiently; also that, since it is not friction, the use of lubricants is not necessary and there is no hypersensitivity that can be annoying and even painful for some people. Finally, like other vibrators and sex toys, it promotes blood circulation in the area and lubrication, especially when it begins to diminish due to hormonal changes, as well as encourages the strengthening of the pelvic floor and, of course, self-awareness.

Note: This article is for general and educational information on topics related to health and well-being. However, this information should not be considered as a replacement for your doctor’s advice nor should it be used to carry out treatment without medical supervision. is not responsible for any diagnosis made by a user based on this content. If you are concerned about your health, always consult your GP or other qualified health professional before taking any action.

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