The Coast to Coast in the United States

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United States Braces for Intense Early Spring Storms

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued an alert for a series of intense early spring storms that will hit the country coast to coast. The storm system affects parts of the plains through the upper Midwest from Friday to Saturday, bringing with it the threat of heavy snowfall, strong gusts of wind and interruptions to travel.

“The phenomenon will bring precipitation in the northeast of the country, severe weather in the south and heavy snowfall in the northern plains and upper Midwest,” said the NWS through its social networks.

US Coast-to-Coast Storm

The storm will start with heavy rains in the Northeast of the nation, in addition to causing snowfall in the mountains of Washington and Oregon. By Monday, the snow will move into the Rocky Mountain region, with Utah and Wyoming being the hardest-hit areas.

As the phenomenon heads towards the center of the country, it will expect severe weather in the south and more wet snowfall in the north. The Mississippi Valley region will be one of the main areas of concern, as are Little Rock in Arkansas and Memphis in Tennessee, according to the NOAA Storm Prediction Center.

Heavy snowfall is expected Tuesday in northern Minnesota and the Dakotas area, while Wednesday will be characterized by being a windy day as the snowfall decreases. In this way, the phenomenon will end on Thursday.

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