The Cobra Kai actor who wants to be Robin in the Batman

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The Cobra Kai actor who wants to be Robin in the Batman

Cobra Kai, the show that continues the classic saga of Karate Kid, has a large group of young actors who begin to make a place in Hollywood. So the superhero genre that is so in vogue is a niche these performers can try to reach. So much so that Xolo Maridueña, Miguel Díaz in the show, will have participation in the DC Extended Universe like the character Blue Beetle.

Another member of the streaming giant’s hit show wants to be part of the superhero world. We are talking about Tanner Buchanan, which acts as Robby Keene on Cobra Kai, son of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). The young actor recognized his fanaticism for graphic novels and has even thought about which hero to personify. “I’ve been a fan of superheroes my whole life. I’m a great comic book reader. Also, kudos to Xolo, I already called him on the phone “Tanner said.

Tanner Buchanan wants to be a superhero

“The role that I have wanted to play lately is perhaps not a superhero, but a partner: Robin. I would love to do it within the version starring Robert pattinson. My idea is very specific and then I would like to move on as Nightwingsaid the actor. It is clear from his statements that he wants to give life to Dick Grayson, which in the comics becomes independent of Batman like the watchman Nightwing.

Tanner Buchanan has the bearing and presence to personify a young man Robin, partner of Batman, in the universe that the director Matt Reeves poses for Robert pattinson. However, the dark tone of that film, added to the fact that it will be located in the vigilante’s early years, makes us think that there is no place for Robin. Still!

In the meantime, Buchanan has some projects we’re going to see him perform on. We talk about the movie of Netflix, He is like that, and the highly anticipated fourth season of Cobra Kai, on the same streaming platform. The series will have new surprises such as the arrival of the villain Terry Silver and Robby acting as a disciple of John Kreese. The show’s premiere is scheduled for December of this year.

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