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The Cobra Kai actress who had to learn karate for the series

Most of the cast members of Cobra Kai They are young and talented actors who demonstrate their skills when filming martial arts fights. What you don’t know is that one of the members of the show had no knowledge of any form of hand-to-hand combat before being part of the series. His character is key in the story of Cobra Kai, the phenomenon of Netflix.

We are talking about Mary Mouser, who in the series plays Samantha LaRusso, the daughter of the great protagonist of Karate Kid: Daniel. One might assume that at the time of auditions for Cobra Kai, skills and abilities in martial arts were key when selecting actors. Mary was not knowledgeable in these disciplines, but that did not stop her from landing the role of Sam.

The Cobra Kai actress who learned karate for the show

“I really didn’t know anything about karate. It was a lot of fun to learn! I did not have a training routine as heavy as some of my colleagues, but I still had to work a lot “, confessed the young woman who dazzled the audiences of the Giant of Streaming with her interpretation of the brave and determined Samantha LaRusso.

However, that was not the only question in which Mary Mouser had to catch up to access his role in Cobra Kai. Surely the fans of the show do not know, but the actress had never seen the classic films of Karate Kid. In this way, it was not internalized in the latent conflict between Daniel LaRusso and his opponent, Johnny Lawrence.

Mary took advantage of the specialized site The Things to catch up on everything that has to do with the Lord Miyagi and the mythology of these cult films that captivated entire generations and today continue their legacy with Cobra Kai. The young actress is part of a phenomenon that spanned different eras and with her character is part of the living history of Hollywood. The fourth season of the series will premiere on December 31 on Netflix.

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