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The code that the Civil Guard asks you to mark to protect your mobile

The Civil Guard has alerted through social networks about mobile theft and how we can protect our terminal in case it happens to us. It is enough to have previously entered an alphanumeric code that will provide us with the necessary information so that we can block the phone and thereby prevent thieves from using it or, much worse, access all our information. This is the code that the Civil Guard asks you to dial to protect your mobile.

The code that the Civil Guard asks you to mark to protect your mobile

From its Twitter account, the Civil Guard has warned on how we can protect our terminal in a simple way. Enough with enter an alphanumeric code: * # 06 # and with this we can have access to our IMEI the number that identifies our smartphone or mobile and that will allow the operator that we have contracted to proceed with the terminal lock in case of theft.

If your mobile is ever stolen, the first thing you should do is call your operator and report the theft so that they can lock the device and with this, prevent thieves from accessing your information (agenda, messages, bank details, etc …) or making calls. For said lock they will need you to provide the IMEI number of the phone that has nothing to do with the PIN, the number that you usually enter every time you want to unlock the mobile.

What is the IMEI?

IMEI is a number consisting of 15 digits and that it is present in each and every one of the mobile devices that are manufactured since we can say that it would be like our ID. That is to say, an identifier for our terminal that has no relationship with the operator that we have hired but refers to the country of manufacture and the manufacturer.

The IMEI code thus consists of several parts What are they:

  • Type Allocation Code (TAC): Which is made up of the first six digits which refer to the country of manufacture and who sells it.
  • Final Assembly Code (FAC): The two digits following the first six refer to the manufacturer of the terminal.
  • Serial number: The next six digits are the serial number.
  • Verifier code: The last digit used to verify that the IMEI is correct.

When we buy a mobile the IMEI appears in the box or also in the card that we cut to be able to insert the SIM card to our terminal and it is usually printed next to the PIN. However, we only look at the PIN leaving the IMEI aside. Therefore, it will be good to follow the advice of the Civil Guard and mark that * # 06 # on the keyboard of our mobile (as if it were a call) so that the IMEI appears, which in some terminals may even be two.

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