The Colony: the movie that tells how to survive a flooded planet

The conditions of the Land they became extremely dangerous to develop human life. Ice and floods make the planet a hostile environment in which only the strongest can survive. In that context, the race decided to escape to other worlds to move on. “Generations later, a manned mission returns to assess living conditions in a mostly submerged world”, says the synopsis of the film.

But another problem haunts humanity. The colonists discovered that they cannot procreate as they can in the earth, as he verified with great surprise astronaut Blake (Nora Arnezeder), who saw children on his visit to the planet.

The Colony tells how humanity survives

The film is a perfect mix of Waterworld with a dark thriller directed by Tim Fehlbaum with the participation of Nora Arnezeder, de Army of the Dead, e Iain Glen, de Game of Thrones. The apocalyptic story captivates and captivates the viewer with a plot reminiscent of its producer’s tapes: Roland Emmerich.

More on this story? “The survivor of the expedition is attacked by scavengers who are in battle with a sinister enemy. Now, the very survival of humanity depends on the bravery and ingenuity of this lonely astronaut.”

The Flooded Earth in The Colony. Photo: IMDb.

Then, Blake crosses his path with a former explorer, Gibson, which plans to bring the settlers back to the earth. However, the return of the travelers could mean the destruction of the lives of those who managed to survive on the planet after so long and in the worst conditions due to water and ice.

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