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The compromising viral photo between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The courtship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continues to give rise to talk because the artists have no problem showing themselves together in public. What began as a reunion after the separation of JLO, ended in one of the most mediatic romances of the year and images continue to appear between the protagonists. The last one went around the world because the couple was seen in a compromising pose. Look at the viral photo!

The reconciliation arose at the end of April, when the actress had divorced Alex Rodríguez after four years of relationship. Within days, she was seen with her ex-boyfriend in a Los Angeles. Affleck and Lopez had been a couple in 2003, but time failed to calm the passion and you can tell from the images leaked in the press.

The viral photo between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez


In the last hours, a photo of the two stars on vacation on a yacht in Saint-Tropez (France) became known where the actor is being affectionate with his girlfriend. The engaged pose is went viral quickly and went around the world. It was also the subject of funny memes and fans celebrated the fire that the couple has.

The funny thing is that Ben and Jennifer recreated an iconic scene that took place 19 years ago. In 2002, the bride and groom posed in the same way (also on a yacht) for the music video for “Jenny From The Block”, which both starred in. The photos are practically identical and highlight how the two stars hold up despite the weather.

Ben Affleck y Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck (48 years old) and Jennifer Lopez (52 years old) in their prime @jlo

The couple’s rest time also served to make their first post together. On the occasion of his birthday 52, Lopez uploaded pictures on the boat and the last one had her kissing Affleck. In less than a week, the post had more than 8.4 million likes.


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