The connection between Classic Loki and the Valkyries

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During the last moments of episode 5 of the series Disney+, Loki y Sylvie they are trying to cast a spell on Alioth, the “living tempest that consumes matter and energy”. Then they receive unexpected help. Classic Loki uses his power to create an illusion of the entire city of Asgard and thus distract the monster. The character of Richard E. Grant find your “glorious purpose”.

The music that plays when Classic Loki performs its final act is an arrangement of “The Ryde of the Valkyries”from Richard Wagner. The drama of the piece connects well with the final moments of Grant’s character and his sacrifice. In the original opera the music highlights the moment when Valkyrie prepare your fallen companions on their journey to Valhalla.

The musical connection between Classic Loki and the Valkyries

There are more connections between the Valkyries and the series of Disney+. The nexus event that led to the VAT to capture Sylvie when she was little, but she was playing with a toy valkyrie when she was kidnapped by Ravonna. Is there a hidden relationship between the female variant of Loki and the Asgardian warriors?

Also noteworthy is the chance that the series is establishing elements for Thor: Love and Thunder. Character Valkyrie, from Tessa Thompson, is the current queen of Asgard and the actress joked about the possibility of an LGBTQ + story and that her character is looking for a queen. Or is it time to rebuild at Valkyries who were killed by Whole?

On the other hand, there is a final interpretation of the “Music tracks” del show. Natalie Holt, the show’s composer, admitted that Wagner it was a great influence on her work. Yes “The Ride of the Valkyries” it is the most important work of the composer, “Bridal Chorus” it follows in popularity. Is the marriage coming between Loki y Sylvie?

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