“The Consequences of Excessive Drinking: My Worst Ending Yet”

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Tori Spelling’s Worst Quote: “I Was So Drunk That Everything Ended in the Worst Way”

The nineties marked an era of TV where actors and actresses were considered demigods, and Beverly Hills 90210 was no exception. The teenagers and youth of that time were captivated by the fictional stories of the hit TV series, but behind the cameras, the cast faced many conflicts and fights with each other.

One of the iconic actresses of the series, Tori Spelling, revealed a personal anecdote on the ReWives podcast that sheds light on the backstage events of the show. She recalled a moment when she was 20 when a young actor, Eddie Cibrián, asked her out, and she agreed. Despite her reservations, they went to a restaurant, where she ended up ordering only drinks, as Cibrián claimed he wasn’t hungry.

Spelling was quite nervous during their date and, coupled with drinking on an empty stomach, she ended up in the wrong place, vomiting on Cibrián’s back and kissing him, all the while hoping she didn’t have vomit breath. The strangeness continued as Cibrián asked Spelling if he could get an audition on her father’s show after “kissing her.”

Despite having an awkward experience with Cibrián, Spelling doesn’t have any animosity toward the actor and believes he is a nice guy. After that incident, Cibrián went on to star in several successful TV series, including CSI: Miami, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Ugly Betty, and Criminal Minds, among others.

However, their personal lives would involve scandalous affairs that made tabloid headlines. Cibrián married and had children with Brandi Glanville, but their marriage ended when Cibrián had an affair with country singer LeAnn Rimes, whom he married in 2011. Similarly, Spelling was married to Charlie Shanian, but they separated after a year of marriage in 2005 when she had an affair with Dean McDermott, her current husband and father of their children Stella, Hattie Liam, Finn, and Beau.

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In conclusion, even though actors and actresses of iconic TV series like Beverly Hills 90210 were seen as idols, they were still human and faced their fair share of challenges. Tori Spelling’s personal anecdote exemplifies this point, demonstrating that their lives were not as perfect as the characters they played on-screen.

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