The continuity error at Virgin River that few noticed

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Virgin River returned to the screen of Netflix and it became a trend with its third season. The romantic drama based on the novels by Robyn Carr It is positioned among the most watched on the platform with new episodes that maintain the quality of its predecessors. However, no one is infallible and the show was not without continuity errors throughout its trajectory. Look at the most amazing!

A place to dream arrived with its brand new chapters on July 9 and it is still among the most popular among fans. It is fourth worldwide on Netflix and the trend continues in Latin America because currently it is in the Top 10 in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Costa Rica.

The third season arrived with controversy because the showrunner Sue Tenney decided to unveil the mystery of the attack on Jack Sheridan only at the end of the 10-episode run. Nonetheless, Virgin River was widely accepted by the public and, according to a Spoiler poll, 44% believe that it is the best series of the moment.

The Virgin River continuity error

The continuity error few noticed at Virgin River

Among so many accolades, the show isn’t without its flaws either, and there was a significant one in the first season that few noticed. It happened in chapter 1 between minutes 18:25 and 18:46. When Mel Monroe comes to the Family Medicine Clinic, he walks through a door that appears to be two-part and solid red in color. But When the character played by Alexandra Breckenridge enters the place, the entrance is glazed and from a single square.

Fans also noticed another inconsistency in episode 8 of the same season. There, Mel talks to Joey Barnes on the phone while it was daytime and when he goes outside it is night. The truth is that, although it was marked as a mistake, the writers can perfectly explain the change because just at that moment a strong storm was unleashed.

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