The continuity error in La Casa de Papel 5 that almost nobody noticed

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Only five days have passed since the premiere of volume 1 of the season of The Money Heist on the streaming service Netflix And it is already a real success, leading the rankings of the most viewed content in almost the entire world. There were 5 vibrant episodes for the fans, where they kept us alert for each event of the plot, but we are sure that not everyone could observe a continuation error.

This first batch of chapters takes us immediately after the end of the fourth installment, where the band managed to get Lisbon back, but at the same time, The Professor was discovered and captured by Inspector Alicia Sierra. The robbers have been inside the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours and for the first time their mastermind will not be available to mark their steps.

As fans have already seen, the fifth chapter culminates with the tragic death of tokyo, who sacrificed herself for her friends by facing the army alone, who shot her, although she later sets a trap for them with her explosives and blows them up. A few minutes before this sad moment We noticed a continuity error that, if you did not see it, we will bring it to you here.

+ The continuity error in La Casa de Papel 5

The army gives notice that a part of the gang is in the pantry, so a sniper from abroad decides to act and fires several shots that hit the Such. Already injured, she asks her companions to escape, but Denver he approaches her to try to help her, although he is unable to do so. It is here, at the farewell, that we see the character of Jaime Lorente wearing a headset with which he communicates with The Professor, but from one moment to the next he no longer has it in his ear. Then when he escapes, it is observed that magically wears the hearing aid again. This is the scene!

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It is not the first and, perhaps, it will not be the last mistake of The Money Heist, since in the past the fans noticed some situations that had nothing to do with the continuity of the scenes. Nor is it the only case, since other great productions that you can find in Netflix, What Outlander and Virgin RiverThey have also had their mistakes, although they do not change the development of the plot or the affection of the fans.

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