The controversial campaign in which a Colombian policeman disguised as papaya alerts citizens about thefts

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A campaign carried out by police officers from a Colombian city, who has used a uniformed man disguised as a papaya who asks the population not to expose themselves to risky situations, has caused laughter and debate on the networks.

Beyond the strange outfit, which has been ironized in several memes, the motto has been questioned ‘Don’t give papaya‘, used as an information strategy to prevent citizens against possible thefts by the Police of Montería, a Colombian municipality in the department of Córdoba.

‘Dar papaya’ is an expression of Colombian origin that means neglecting or giving way for something negative to happen.

In the images that have circulated on the internet, an agent is observed disguised as the fruit, which is also known as milky in other countries, accompanied by other officials who explain to people the security measures they must have to avoid being victims of crime.

Among the police councils is not counting money in public spaces, keeping bags and backpacks closed, not accepting help from third parties when carrying out operations at ATMs, among others.

What are the comments?

Those who have expressed themselves in the networks about this campaign have rejected the expression of ‘giving papaya’, which they have described as “revictimizing.” In the same way, they have indicated that this type of action seems to indicate that the Police will not be responsible for guaranteeing the safety of the population against any crime.

Netizens have also been inclined to the tone of sarcasm. Some have been ironic about the shape of the costume and others have commented on the resemblance they find to a vagina.

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