The controversial release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition: all the problems found so far

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition was released yesterday, but several complaints from players have already been seen, which They range from the quality of the remasters, to not being able to play the PC version in no way possible.

Yes OK many have praised some of the visual improvements (particularly landscapes) on next-gen consoles, and appreciated the introduction of modern control schemes, there have been a number of problems with the quality of the new versions of classic games. These are the key errors at the moment:

Quality concerns

To sum up much of the public response to this release, at the time of writing, the main post on the r / Games subreddit (with 3 million users) its titled “Rockstar should be ashamed of GTA Trilogy Remaster”. The post, which has garnered 1,300 comments and counting, notes that Rockstar released almost no gameplay prior to launch, mentions that reviews were not allowed before launch and questions the choice of fidelity and performance options for remasters of games that are up to 20 years old.

The quality of the three games in the collection has received criticism. MRT staff members they have encountered visual errors with the models, repeated problems with the cutscenes (mainly where the world around the scene continues normally, even causing the cut scene actors to be left out of the picture) and suffered corrupted save data.

Character models in particular have become the butt of jokes from social media, and many see to the new models as degradations of their much older originals:

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Others have had trouble with the way games have adapted the look of each world, especially in his approach to draw distance. Mainly due to technical limitations, the original games they used fog effects to mask their worlds; With modern technology, this is no longer necessary, but many have pointed what power see the full extent of each open world without atmospheric effects, it is more strange than impressive:

Nevertheless, a recurring complaint in several games in the new trilogy it has the opposite effect of being able to see the whole world. Heavy rain appears almost completely opaque, which means that storms in the game can cause the game to become incredibly difficult when having visibility difficulties. Some players have reported that they have simply had to stop playing and wait for the rain to pass before continuing.

Problems on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of the collection has received special reviews. Players have complained of a resolution lower than expected, an unexpected visual degradation compared to other console versions, excruciating pop-in and long load times.

However, by far the most recurring issue for gamers is performance, with many gamers reporting wildly fluctuating frame rates, including MRT’s Destin Legarie:

Rockstar Launcher

However, some players would simply like to play the game. On PC, Rockstar has withdrawn the game from sale while its Rockstar Games Launcher service is undergoing maintenance. The problem is, despite being single player games, the Launcher is necessary to launch GTA Trilogy (and other Rockstar PC games). The upshot is that, at the time of writing, PC gamers have been unable to play the GTA Trilogy for roughly 17 hours, without an estimate of when the issue might be fixed.

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Notable absences

Some players have been upset to discover that the remasters are missing some of the iconic music tracks from the original games, as well as certain original tricks. Yes OK both cases are understandable, as music licenses are notoriously difficult to retain, while the engine switch to Unreal supposedly had an effect on cheats, no has prevented players from questioning how final these edits really are compared to the originals. That hasn’t been helped by the apparent discoveries of dataminers (as reported by VGC), which suggest that missing music tracks are included in games, but are simply disabled at the code level.

Other players have complained about changes to the original scenarios of games, which even seem to include typographical errors and incorrect readings of the original content of the game.

Previous Versions and Modding

For many, the problem is that, before the relaunch of this new trilogy, Rockstar has made it increasingly difficult to play the original versions of the games, or even modify them if you already have them. Rockstar removed all digital versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from sale prior to the release of this compilation, leaving The Definitive Edition collection as the only digital version of the game available for new players.

Even before the trilogy was announced, Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two, had been threatening legal action against moddersapparently specifically targeting mods made for all three games in the collection. As a result, modifications that improve the appearance of the original versions, add additional content, or perhaps make them somehow more desirable than Definitive Edition versions, are no longer available. The threat of legal action even caused some modders to voluntarily withdraw their work. Some of them worried that modding of GTA as a whole will come to an end due to the effect of these takedown notices.

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The consensus among many players is that this was to encourage players to purchase the official remasters, although it seems that these new versions are unattractive to many.

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