The coronavirus delays Final Fantasy XVI and there will be no news until spring 2022

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Square Enix He had promised to say goodbye to the year with new information about Final Fantasy XVI, but this seemed to never come and, after missing The Game Awards 2021, the rumors were not to be expected and they predicted the worst. Some fears that today have been confirmed by Naoki Yoshida, main producer of the game, who has issued a brief statement on his social networks in which he apologizes for this silence and announces that at the end We will not have news about FF XVI until spring 2022.

The reason is none other than the coronavirus. To ensure the safety and health of its employees in the face of the outbreaks of the pandemic, Square Enix has been forced to take measures such as telecommuting. And although they were necessary measures, Yoshida comments that they have involved communication problems and that game development has been delayed for almost half a year. For that reason they have postponed any kind of announcement until further notice and Final Fantasy XVI will be asked for a few more months.

Regarding the status of the project, Yoshida once again insists that they only have “quality of life improvements” ahead of them. Your letter speaks of improve graphics, polish combat mechanics, and put the finishing touches on cinematics of the game. “Our main goal,” concludes the designer, “is to spend as much time playing it as possible to fully optimize it. (…) The great novelties of spring 2022 will seek to start raising expectations for the eventual launch of the game ”. Is it us or does that sound like this update could come from the hand of a first date of departure? Will Final Fantasy XVI arrive in 2022?

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PS5 exclusive … for now

We remember that the game is PS5 exclusive (Temporary?) And that already appears at the top of the most anticipated lists of Japan, despite which it has been confirmed that Square Enix will give priority to English dubbing over Japanese. The last time we heard about the title was at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, where Yoshida spoke of the “extensive skill tree” that we will find at our disposal in this installment. It’s not much, so at MeriStation we tried to make up for it a few days ago by dedicating a profile article to Naoki Yoshida himself, in which we reviewed the beginnings and career of the developer and defined it as “Square Enix’s mighty weapon”. A way to get closer to the mastermind behind the next final fantasy.


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