The Cost of Dining at Super Nintendo World Restaurant in Universal Studios Hollywood

Indulge in Super Mario-Themed Dishes at Toadstool Café

Calling all Super Mario fans! You can now dine on exquisite flavors and colorful decorations at the Toadstool Café restaurant located in Super Nintendo World, the newest attraction of Universal Studios Hollywood in California.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted with tables that resemble trees with mushroom lamps, and the little ones can entertain themselves with videos of Toad appearing on screens. Furthermore, be mindful while eating your dishes, as the lights will turn off intermittently when Bowser arrives at the place.

To start your Super Mario experience in the restaurant, order the Super Star Lemon Squash, one of the richest drinks on the menu, which is a lemonade that includes tapioca pearls that will leave you with an explosion of flavor in the mouth. As a main course, choose between Mario or Luigi’s hamburgers or pasta with meatballs.

For dessert, select between the T-Block Tiramisu, a cake, or the Peach cupcake, which is perfect for sharing. However, make sure not to fill up too much to be able to try the desserts from the Super Mario themed restaurant.

Remember to make a reservation in advance as Toadstool Café is one of the most popular restaurants at Universal Studios Hollywood. Plus, it’s one of the newest restaurants in the park.

If you want to take home a souvenir, make sure to order the tomato soup or the mushroom cream as they are served in Toad-shaped bowls that are yours to keep.

To dine at Toadstool Café, you need to pay the entrance ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood, ranging from $109 (2,071) to $149 (2,831) per person. You also need to calculate approximately $50 (950 MXN) per person, including entrance, a main dish, a drink, and dessert.

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The menu of Toadstool Café offers various options at different prices such as salads for less than $14 (266 MXN), pasta with ground beef and Mario and Luigi hamburgers for $17 (323 MXN), Bowser’s Fireball Challenge with a souvenir plate for $30 (570 MXN), and the children’s menu for $15 (285 MXN). Desserts such as the tiramisu or the Peach cupcake cost $10 (190 MXN), while drinks range from $4 (76 MXN) to $8 (152 MXN), depending on your order.

Don’t miss the chance to eat at Toadstool Café and have a wonderful experience at Super Nintendo World.

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