The couple from Las Chicas del Cable who met again in another Netflix series

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Since your arrival at Netflix in 2017, The Cable Girls has established itself as one of the most recognized Spanish series worldwide. And it is that, although it did not reach the popularity of phenomena such as The Money HeistIt did become quite relevant in its country of origin and in Latin America. Success is probably closely related to the cast who knew how to execute a very interesting plot in the best way.

Blanca Suárez, Maggie Civantos, Ana Fernández, Ana Polvorosa and Nadia de Santiago they were in charge of representing the operators of a telephone company. But the last of them has left behind its role as Many to create and star in another series on Netflix. Is about The time that I give you, a production released this week that is already positioned among the subscription service trends.

Accompanied by Alvaro CervantesThis time De Santiago stepped into the shoes of Lina, a woman who has ended a long-standing relationship with Nico and who must fight to start a new life and to think a little less about him every day. One of the characteristics of the series that has attracted the most attention has to do with its format: each of its episodes has a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

But that is not all! Because the Spanish actress had the luxury of including one of her greatest friends in real life in the story. Is about Nico Romero, who gave life to the twins Pablo and Julio Santos Villanueva on The Cable Girls and who now also personifies a character named Julio. It is worth noting that Nico Romero and Nadia De Santiago formed one of the most beloved couples in the series and that until the last episode they fought to keep their relationship as strong as possible.

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Nadia is a total woman. I am lucky to be with her for many years and enjoy the expansive wave of talent and power that, without fuss or noisy garlands (so common today) floods everything where she passes and that makes her a natural leader. Silent, Nadia is eating the worldRomero wrote on his Instagram profile. And I add: “My partner has become my boss and that makes me enormously proud”.

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