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The creator of Pinky and the Brain told us how the song of the Warner Bros series was born

In 1995, the animation department of Warner Bros. He believed it was time to give life to two of the characters in one of his most popular series. Animaniacs, created by Tom rueggerIt had become a popular studio production thanks to its irreverent protagonists, but two mice had caught the attention of many. Pinky and the Brain became a spin-off that lasted for three years, until 1998.

In an interview with Spoiler, Ruegger He talked about how these characters came about. Although they were inspired by two animators from Warner Bros., Tom Minton and Eddie Fitzgerald, the screenwriter clarified that once they came to life, “They no longer sounded like them”. In this regard, he noted: Tom Minton did not speak like Orson Welles and Edie Fitzgerald I didn’t have a British accent, they no longer sounded like them, but they had their essence “. In addition, he acknowledged that neither of them had a problem with being the origin of the characters. “They thought it was fun and it was okay”, he counted.

The origin of the Pinky and the Brain song

Ruegger He said he had little trouble selling him the idea of Pinky and the Brain a Steven Spielberg. The acclaimed director was the executive producer of the animated cartoons of Warner Bros. Tiny Toons and had asked Tom think of a new product. As recalled Ruegger, a Spielberg It convinced him very simply: “It’s these two mice that want to conquer the world, this is a genius, this is an idiot, this is the song and I sang it. This is how I presented it to Steven and he said: ‘Sold’ “.

Then, it unveiled one of the biggest mysteries behind its creation: the birth of the famous opening that practically everyone knows how to sing by heart. “I would take a song we all knew and rewrite its lyrics, so I rewrote ‘Singing in the rain'”Ruegger revealed. Below these lines you can see Tom singing the version that inspired the opening.

Where did Pinky and the Brain get the ideas to conquer the world?

One of the most important points in the plot of Pinky and the Brain were the plans that gave rise to each episode, through which Brain he sought to conquer the world. What may sound like a villain from any movie from James Bond, for Ruegger had another background: “They are crazy. I don’t know how these two mice think those plans can work. But they have good intentions. Brain it is not a horrible mouse. He sees the faults in the world and thinks he can fix it, and that everyone else gets in his way. “.

The origin of each of the projects of these rodents had its genesis in the first two episodes with which they defined the concept and its characters. Tom He said that when he sold the idea to Steven Spielberg did not give too many details, and this allowed them “Have a lot of fun while we develop them”. Peter Hastings she co-wrote the first two chapters with him but quickly ran out and came close to taking a step aside.

“I remember that Peter Hastings He came in for the second episode and said, ‘I think I’m tired of it.’ I asked him what he meant and he said, ‘I don’t know what else to do with them.’ My suggestion at that time was to think of something visual, visually fun “, asserted Ruegger. Thus he gave as an example the giant costumes from which the little heads of the mice came out and defined the mantra of the series: “Let’s think visually fun things and may that lead us on these adventures”. Then Hastings imagined Brain like a tiny jockey on a great horse and, according to Tom, that “Turned it on” and made me want to continue.

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