The creator of That 70s Show ended with a great mystery of the series

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Although, as in all fiction based on real events there is much fantasy, That 70s Show is one of those cases in which his episodes were inspired by events in reality. Mark Brazill, creator of the fiction together with Terry and Bonnie Tyler was the ideologue of this story. The adventures that Eric Forman (Topher Grace) lived until time before traveling to Africa were based on the adolescence of this humorist.

Danny Masterson with Wilmer Valderrama, two protagonists of the show. (IMDb)

One of the emblems of That 70s Show was the opening of the series, which consisted of showing the different actors exchanging positions in the car of Eric. There, in addition, the music that sounded in the background stood out, which changed its versions in some of the deliveries. It was about “In the Street”, from the band Big Star that made up Alex Chilton and Chris Bell.

Towards the end of the opening, just before the episode began, each broadcast allowed a peculiar scream to be heard. “¡Hello, Wisconsin!”, was heard in the background while looking at the license plate of the car that established in which year of the decade of the 70 this chapter took place. Many wondered who had shouted that phrase and the doubt reached an Instagram story that was shared on Reddit.

The user @that70sshyde from Instagram contacted Mark Brazill and asked who was responsible for screaming. The answer was Danny Masterson, responsible for interpreting Steven Hyde at the show. “He improvised it while we were sitting in the back of a truck, in the middle of the night, driving through the middle of the street, filming the opening. And it was cold “, wrote Brazill in a post from his old account Instagram.

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Leo’s departure from That 70s Show

Another of the great mysteries of That 70s Show was the one linked to the disappearance of Leo (Tommy Chong) of the series. Between the fourth and seventh seasons, his character was erased from history without much explanation. For a long time it was said that his departure had to do with his being arrested by the police for selling marijuana products, but he denied it.

leo that 70s show steven hyde

Leo was like an uncle to Hyde. (Amazon)

Chong He said that when they had to renew the contracts of everyone present, the production refused to pay them increases. He, however, believed that his character was important enough that he was paid extra money. As a result, he said, he was removed from fiction and his time in jail did not influence his release. In fact, on the contrary: the popularity was so much that it gained that the writers returned to write stories for Leo starting from the penultimate season, once it was released.

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