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the creator revealed an unexpected weakness of Tanjiro

For a few weeks the fans of Kimetsu no Yaiba They smiled again, and it is that the popular anime had its return to the screen with the adaptation of the Infinity Train Arc, the same one that was brought to the big screen and further elevated the phenomenon. In the second episode there was a dialogue that showed why Plate it will not have an easy path to fulfill its purpose.

This part of the story tells how Muzan Kibutsuji send Enmu to kill the young Kamado and the rest of the Demon Hunters to gain more power and rise in the organization. Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu e Inosuke agree to join Kyojuro Rengoku to defeat the demon responsible for numerous disappearances on the Infinity Train, but the protagonist will also try to find answers about the Dance of the Fire God.

+ Tanjiro Kamado’s Weakness

When the Infinite Train arrives we see that the young man Kamado seeks to get closer to Rengoku to help him on a mission and learn from him as much as possible. However, earlier he asked her about the Danza Hinokami Kagura that his father taught him when he was a child, but Pilar assures him that he had never heard of that, generating confusion for not finding the answer he was looking for.

It is there that Kyojuro He refuses to tell her more about the use of the sword with Breath of Flame, though she would if he agrees to be her apprentice. After an explanation of the five elements that make up the Pillars, Rengoku discovers that Tanjiro’s sword is black and tells him that it is unfortunate, since there was never someone who reached Hashira’s level with a weapon of that color..

Let us remember that the plan Plate is to increase his power as a demon hunter to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji and try to make his sister, Nezuko, go back to being an ordinary human. That is why right now he runs at a disadvantage for his black sword, although it could also indicate that he is open to a unique potential that would transform him into a kind of Chosen One.

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