The creators of Gears 5 present their spectacular demo in Unreal Engine 5

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To date, all official technical demos for Unreal Engine 5 have been based on the PlayStation 5. However, The Coalition – those responsible for Gears 5 – has been the study chosen to do the same with Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s next-generation machine. The developer behind Gears 5 has already announced that its next projects would be built on this technology, so it has joined Epic Games in a presentation that has been held within the framework of the GDC. Alpha Point It has been seen and you can see how it looks in the videos below these lines.

The first of the videos is the Alpha Point demo itself, which displays a cavernous scenery similar to the first demo shown. This time there is a strange object in the center. According to the Linkedin of an employee of The Coalition, the company is working on a new intellectual property, but at the moment there has been no official announcement and it is unknown whether or not it will be linked to Alpha Point.

Character rendering in UE 5

On the other hand, the second video focuses on the rendering of the character using the new technology. They recommend seeing them on a monitor 4K or 1440p to be possibleThe Coalition has posted a third clip in which the developers talk about how these videos were made. They also make a comparison between Unreal Engine 4, the previous version, and Unreal Engine 5.

The presentation was carried out by the art directors of The Coalition, Colin Penty y Kate Rayner. They have not yet provided details on the upcoming projects the studio is embarking on. Will we know anything about Gears 6 soon? Or maybe about unreleased intellectual property that seems to be currently cooking?

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Gears 5 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The game was optimized to the new generation as soon as the new consoles went on sale, last November.

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