The creators of La Casa de Papel were inspired by this famous actress for Tokyo

Úrsula Corberó gave life to Such in such a way that the followers of The Money Heist They were enraged when the character sacrificed his life for the team at the end of the first part of the fifth season of the show. She was the unreliable narrator of the show’s events and a thief who was on the run when The Professor recruited her into his team for the biggest robbery of the century.

Many wonder what the creators of The Money Heist to achieve such a great worldwide success with this Spanish series that transcended its place of origin and thanks to Netflix it became a true mass phenomenon that people can’t stop talking about. An example? The song Bella Ciao It was popular with fighters who fought against Italian fascism.

Who were you inspired to create Tokyo?

How could it be otherwise, the character of Úrsula Corberó he also found inspiration in a person of flesh and blood. More precisely in the figure of Hollywood Natalie Portman, recognized by films such as Star Wars and Closer. However, it is a particular performance of the interpreter that caught the attention of the creators of The Money Heist: Mathilda, the young girl of The perfect assassin.

From her haircut to her style of clothing, everything Such is 100% influenced by the character Mathilda from Natalie Portman. Luc Besson’s film inspired many artists such as the English band Alt-J with the character’s song of the same name. The first line of the topic says “This is from Matilda”, the same phrase that León says to the murderous policeman Stansfield before they both die thanks to some grenades.

Color data! The movie The perfect assassin has an extended version with more than 25 additional minutes where Mathilda accompanies León in some of his “works” as a murderer. The truth is that the scenes did not work in the previews of the film and they decided to release the version of the film that we all know and enjoy so much.

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